High Purity Alumina Grinding Beads

High Purity Alumina Grinding Beads/99%、99.9%、99.99%. They have high hardness, good corrosion resistance, and good normalization,etc. They are suitable high-efficiency grinding media for glaze,electric materials,batteries, chemical powder and fine mineral powders etc.

Product Details

Chemical Information

Density: 3.9 Bulk Density: 2.5
Hardness(Hv): 1100 Sphericity(%):98%
Size(mm):φ0.1mm, φ0.2mm, φ0.3mm, φ0.4mm, φ0.5mm~φ30mm
Element Na K Si Fe Mg Ca Cr
Content (ppm) 8 4 10 8 3 3 2

(U:4ppb or less,Th:5ppb or less)Analysis by ICP


Its abrasion resistance  is better than the zirconia beads;

The alumina beads has a high purity of 99.99% or more. During grinding, there is no contamination except alumina;

It has excellent corrosion resistance to the acid and the alkali, and in the warm water, performance deterioration will not appear;

The density of high purity alumina beads is around 70% of the zicronia beads, and the filling weight needed in the mill is also 70%.In addition, the consumption and energy can be less in grinding.


Rare earth phosphor material;

Piezoelectric,Dielectric, MLCC and other electronic materials;

Electrode material of Lithium battery and other battery application;

Sapphire, electronic ceramics ,transparent ceramic materials;

Ink, pigment, paint and other materials;

High purity quartz sand, quartz crucible raw material grinding;

Pesticide, medicine, antibacterial materials;