Silicone agriculture adjuvant are used together with pesticides or herbicides to to enlarge their wetting speed and wetting area. The silicone agriculture can help reduce the using amount of pesticide to one third, but with the same function in killing germs, pests and weeds. Due to not easily soluble in water, most pesticides need to be used with surfactants to make them into oil in water emulsion. During application, water need to be added to dilute the pesticides into low concentration and surfactant like silicone agriculture adjuvant will be added to spray on the stems, leaves, stalks of different crops, vegetable, fruits and weeds to inhibit or kill the growth of germs, pests or weeds.

Usually the surface tension of surfactant solution is around 30 mN/m, but the silicone adjuvant solution has a surface tension lower to 20 mN/m. The lower surface tension makes better wetting ability and wetting speed of the solution on the substrates. The smaller the surface tension, the larger the wetting area of the substrates. The adding of silicone agriculture adjuvant can help the penetration of pesticides into every part of stems, leaves and stalks of the plants.