silicone oil 1000cst
silicone oil 350cst
silicone oil 100cst
silicone oil HY201 50cst

Silicone oil is also called dimethyl silicone oil or dimethyl silicone fluid, and it is transparent and oderless polysiloxane liquid.

The clear liquid is from very thin to thick paste with different viscosities from 50cst to 1,000,000cst. Its molecular weight will change  according to the degree of polymerization. it has very  low surface tension, low thermal conductivity, good water resistance and damping resistance, as well as excellent insulation and heat resistance.Its flash point is also very high and freezing point is very low. And the working enviroment can be from -50℃ to 200℃ for long term.

With these properties, silicone oil are used in different areas such as lubricant, defoaming agent, releasing agent, insulation oil, anti-vibration oil.