Alumina Grinding Bead

Alumina grinding balls are used as grinding media in different industries. The raw materials are industrial alumina powder, bauxite, roller powder,, and high-temperature calcined Alpha alumina powder. Its production process includes batching, grinding, milling, forming, and drying , and sintering.The alumina balls are used in the fine grinding equipment like pot mills, ball mills,and vibration mills, etc. The grinding efficiency and wear resistance of alumina balls are much better than natural pebbles or ordinary ball stones. As per different alumina contents, it can be divided into medium aluminum balls, medium high aluminum balls and high aluminum balls.Generally, the balls with 60%-65% alumina content is classified as medium aluminum balls, the balls with 75%-80% alumina content is classified as medium-high aluminum balls, and the balls with more than 90% alumina content is classified as high aluminum balls. For the high aluminum balls, they can be divided into 90% , 92%, 95% and 99 %. With high production cost, 99% Alumina ball is not produced in large quantities by factories. High-alumina balls have the properties of high strength, high hardness, excellent wear resistance, small size, high specific gravity, high temperature resistance , non pollution and corrosion resistance. They are widely applied in different fields such as:glass, enamels,ceramics, chemicals,mining, oil and battery, etc. Is it very suitable for the processing for factories with thick and hard materials. 92% aluminum balls are the most popular type.