We are professional titanium dioxide manufacturer in China. Titanium dioxide is regarded as the top white pigment in the world. It is widely applied in inks, coatings, plastics, paper, rubber, chemical fiber, cosmetics, food, pharm and other industries.

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Titanium Dioxide

What is Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide (titanium dioxide) is a stable chemical and does not react with most other materials. Naturally titanium dioxide has three types: rutile, anatase, and brookite. Rutile titanium dioxide is abbreviated as R type, Anatase titanium dioxide is abbreviated as A type, and the brookite type is not stable and has no industrial value. Both Rutile and Anatase type have stable crystal lattice. These two types are important white pigments. Compared with other white pigments, titanium dioxide has good hiding power, good tinting strength , superior whiteness, good heat resistance, weather resistance, and chemical stability, especially without toxicity.

Applications of Titanium Dioxide

The largest end user of titanium dioxide is coating industry, especially rutile titanium dioxide. Most rutile titanium dioxide is used by the coating industry. By using titanium dioxide, the paint has high hiding power, strong tinting power, bright colors, and low dosage. It can protect the stability of substance, can enhance the adhesion of the paint film and the mechanical strength. It can also prevent crack of paint, the penetration of ultraviolet rays and moisture, as well as extend the life of the paint film.

The second largest consumer of titanium dioxide is the plastics industry. With titanium dioxide added, the light resistance, weather resistance and heat resistance of plastic products can be improved.In addition, the chemical and physical properties of plastic products can also be improved, as well as the mechanical strength and service life.

The third largest user of titanium dioxide is paper industry. As a filler in paper industry, it is mainly applied in thin paper and high grade paper. With titanium dioxide added to the paper, the gloss, whiteness, strength, and smooth of paper can be improved. During printing, there is no penetration and and the weight of paper is very light. For paper making, anatase titanium dioxide without surface treatment are usually used. It can function as fluorescent brightener and improve the whiteness of paper. However, laminated paper requires rutile titanium dioxide to meet the requirements of heat resistance and light resistance.

Besides the above applications, Titanium dioxide is also used in advanced inks as white pigment. With titanium dioxide, he ink is more durable and the color is not easy to be changed. It has good surface wettability and is easy to disperse. Both rutile type and anatase type are used in the ink industry as per different requirements.

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