We are professional antioxidants manufacturer in China. With the fast development of plastics industry, especially new function plastics, the global anti-oxidant industry is getting more and more specialized, efficient and eco friendly. To ensure stable and healthy development of anti-oxidant, many factories are developing various anti oxidant used for plastics industry.

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What are Antioxidants

The main consumption and production regions of anti-oxidants are in North America, Western Europe and Asia. In Japan, Western Europe and North America,55% antioxidants used are general anti-oxidant and 45% of them are auxiliary anti oxidant. The general antioxidants types are hindered phenol antioxidants, such as antioxidant 1010 and 1076. also, there is signal that the demand for nitrogen-containing heterocyclic polyphenols with higher melting point is becoming higher. Auxiliary antioxidants have two groups: thioesters and phosphites, such as anti oxidant 168.

The total consumption of antioxidants all over the world is around 600,000MT. There are around 50 producers of antioxidants globally, and the production is quite concentrated, and the most popular companies are Addivant, Songyuan, and BASF. Basf ‘s main product is hindered phenol anti oxidant, which is around 70% of the total market, and Addivant’s main product is phosphites anti oxidant, which is around 45% of the total market. Asia now is the main production area of anti oxidants, it is around 50% to 60%. most producers are in Taiwan, south Korea, India, Japan and China. China’s production capacity is 30-36% of Asia, which is the biggest in Asia.

In order to be more competitive, the main plastic antioxidant producers put more attention on technological trends, promotion, market information collection, and after-sales service. They are making more efforts to capture market information by different ways and establish closer relationships with their customers. Getting a better understanding of customer needs, developing for new products, and shortening new product development time help the producers to keep competitiveness in the fierce competition.

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