Chemical Raw Materials Supplier

With an experience in chemical raw material industry for 11 years, Hangzhou Hengyi Technology Co.,ltd, was started in 2017 and focused on discovering chemical business opportunities out of China and bring them to our local partners. The main industries we involve in are paint, plastics, ink, personal care and agro industry.

Our aim is to be a reliable partner for global chemical customers, through supplying top quality chemicals produced in facilities with sustainable production.Our partners are equipped with advanced and environmental production line, talented technician and fast response team. The production sites are ISO9000 certified.Our selected products are approved and are in great demand by the global customers and target industries. They are also tested by third-party facilities for the heavy metal contents, ROHS, and other industry standard.

Hot Products

volatile silicone oil
violet pigment paint brush
pigment red 81 for ink
pigment yellow 180
yellow pigment
titanium dioxide for paint 1

Why choose our chemical raw materials?

Hangzhou Hengyi Technology was in chemical industry for 11 years, and our aim is to be customer-oriented and reliable chemical partner in China. To be a reliable partner, we are open and transparent with customers.

Our chemical products are produced in top and leading chemical production line, equipped with advanced facilities, strict technique control and overall testing system. And the certificates we can offer for the chemical raw material include: ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS heavy metal test reports, ROHS report, and FDA declaration, etc. The production line adheres to global customers requirements from product quality, product package, test system to various certificates.

The supply chain system is followed up closely from the raw material quality, semi-finished product testing to finished product testing. To ensure stable production, chemical raw materials are purchased from medium to top quality suppliers, and are offered by 3-4 suppliers with healthy competition and on time supply. All raw materials are tested batch to batch to ensure consistent quality, and stocks are planned for an on time delivery. During the production process, there are DCS online monitoring system and detailed documentation of operation instruction for front-line workers. After finished products are ready, standard physical testing or application tests will be made to ensure the quality of final products. Records of testing will be made and sample will be kept for a certain period. In addition, third-party test or PSS test can be offered as per customer demand.

The warehouse for raw material and finished product implements the rule of first-in and first-out.The storage is well organized in clean and dry environment. The shelf life and cleanness is under check. Finished products are usually packed in export standard packages with the product net weight within standard deviation. Cargoes are stacked in order on pallets which are suitable for sea shipping.

To ensure on-time delivery, we will communicate thoroughly with customers about the arrival time at customer warehouse, and then make a detailed plan on the production time, inland delivery time, loading time and sea shipping time to ensure that cargoes arrive at customer within the time schedule. Every step would be kept posted to customers.

In addition to the quality and supply, choose our chemical raw materials can save your costs from the fallowing two aspects. We can integrate the purchase of main chemical raw material of customers in paint , plastics, ink, personal care and agrochemical industry; Turn volume advantage to price advantage. This is to reduce customer production cost, and improve
customer’s competitiveness in the consumer market; Besides, we can consolidate the purchase and shipment of small quantity raw material such as additives in a container. This is to save transportation costs and time for customers.

Hangzhou Hengyi Technology Co.,ltd can be your reliable chemical raw material partner with a customer-oriented team from sales team, technical team and logistic team.