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With an experience in chemical raw material industry for 11 years, Hangzhou Hengyi Technology Co.,ltd, was started in 2017 and focused on discovering chemical business opportunities out of China and bring them to our local partners. The main industries we involve in are paint, plastics, ink, personal care and agro industry.

Our aim is to be a reliable partner for global chemical customers, through supplying top quality chemicals produced in facilities with sustainable production.Our partners are equipped with advanced and environmental production line, talented technician and fast response team. The production sites are ISO9000 certified.Our selected products are approved and are in great demand by the global customers and target industries. They are also tested by third-party facilities for the heavy metal contents, ROHS, and other industry standard.

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Basic Properties of Linear Silicone Fluids & Its Uses

The linear Silicone oil have of groups of siloxane polymers that is combined from chain of silicone and oxygen atoms. This chain is the repetition of silicone, oxygen, and carbon atoms. Linear silicone fluid have many various methyl groups, amino groups that are functional and several thousand units. For the reaction of the siloxane polymers with another mineral by replacing the methyl group with phenyl group. To integrate the siloxane polymers into several types of organic polymers add some reactive organic compounds and this process will give unique properties to this liquid as compared to organic polymers.

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