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Waterborne pigment paste refers to a concentrated pigment paste formed by wetting and dispersing organic or in organic pigments with surfactants (or by adding water-soluble resins), which is uniform, stable, has certain fluidity or thixotropic fluidity, and has strong coloring strength. The interaction between the chemical structure of water-based color paste and resin, lotion, dispersion and pigment paste.

Affects the blackness, dispersibility, control system, and selection of water-based ink for industrial coatings of carbon black. Thus controlling the quality of synthetic pigment carbon black.

The advantages of the silicate ester series products include excellent coloring power, high light and weather resistance, high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, acid resistance, solvent resistance, lake stability, environmental protection, good rheological and weather resistance.

The water-based industrial paint polyurethane series products have good initial, rheological, and gloss properties. Although their structure is similar to acrylic esters, their trend is shown in the following figure.

The main uses of styrene acrylic lotion include: paper industry. Improve the dry and wet/solid liquid conditions of the fabric, making it soft and anti-static.

Pigment Orange 36

The silicate ester series products are a high molecular weight polymer that can be used for lamination, molding, tape stamping, and screen printing.

High molecular weight polyethylene wax can be used for blending modified resins such as PE, PP, PVC, ABS, PS, ABS, foaming, etc.

Yellowing resistance: Used for polypropylene, nylon, polyamide, polystyrene, fluoroplastics, molybdenum disulfide, polyacrylate, PVB, 1.

High molecular weight polyethylene wax can significantly improve the formability and transferability of plastic products, and reduce their deformation.

Organic silicon leveling agents can still provide excellent substrate wetting and improve environmental resistance at high temperatures.

Organosilicon wax as a dispersant has outstanding thermal stability and is compatible with colorless coatings such as polymers such as polyester, polyamide, and polycarbonate.

Anti shrinkage hole leveling agent, which does not form bubbles at lower liquid levels, increases viscosity at lower liquid levels, and the product can be leveled and low-cost.

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