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Where Should the Rutile Titanium Dioxide Industry Go from Boiling Point to Freezing Point

Where does the rutile titanium dioxide industry go from boiling point to freezing point.

● Dispersion (within the applicable range); (able to adapt outside the scope); (Can adapt outside the range).

● Floatability (within the range of proficiency); (Can easily grasp the specific water-based system of the water-based system, separate and detach the wall, and effectively attach the coating); (Can be placed on the rack); This type of water-based mold release can easily resist free salts, ions, and cationic surfactants in nature.

● Floatability (able to accept natural detachment/implantation); The release surface that can be pasted (usually standing vertically at any time); (Always highly hydrophobic natural environment).

The characteristics of small molecule clustering are very simple, as small molecule particles can be generated with a high-speed mixer and can maintain long-term retention. However, considering the addition of fragmented pigments and formulas, you will achieve the same dispersion method and maintain its stability.

Titanium dioxide ink grade

The clustering characteristics of small molecules are very simple, as they can be generated using a high-speed dispersion machine, and each particle can display unique performance characteristics. Of course, the performance of small molecule particles has not decreased, indicating that their water-based and water hardness have deteriorated, affecting their luster and morphology.

Formula technical indicators of pigment paste: The hardness of pigment dispersion has a significant impact on its dispersion. When the melt index of resin slurry increases, due to the increase of resin viscosity, the fluidity of the slurry decreases, and the fluidity of the slurry increases. When the slurry passes through the extruder, due to the mixing and dispersion of the dispersant screw, the dispersion of pigments increases, thereby reducing the resistance of machine speed mixing and reducing the machine speed. This phenomenon is called “plasticizer”.

When the melting index of pigment paste is high, due to the high resin viscosity, the melting viscosity of pigment dispersion is too high, and the fluidity of the slurry decreases. Under the specified temperature and shear force, the pigment dispersion is stable. At the specified temperature, the melting viscosity of pigment dispersion will increase.

How to choose a solution for small pigment dispersions? 1. Arrange and gently touch the surface of pigment particles, and place them on the surfaces of substances such as temperature rose red, coal yellow, and white pigments. These substances have good hydrophilicity and can firmly adsorb on the surface of pigments. 2. The surface of the pigment or oil absorption can be firmly adsorbed on the surface of the pigment. 3. Most stable rose red pigments are used for surface makeup in rose red or other colors.

Has good dispersion performance. A stable transparent film is formed on the surface of the pigment, which generates electrostatic repulsion on the surface of the pigment particles, thereby transforming the surface of the pigment and achieving the goal of protecting the surface of the pigment.

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