With the development of printing industry, the quantity and quality demand on ink is increasing. As a key raw material in ink formulation, the importance and the using amount of titanium dioxide is increasing gradually. At present, 3% of the total titanium dioxide is used in printing ink, and ink grade titanium dioxide is still increasing. In the formulation of ink, the percentage of titanium dioxide can reach 25 to 50%. As per the white ink formulation, titanium dioxide has high percentage. For example, in offset white ink formulation, the resin binder accounts for 50%, auxiliary agent accounts for 8%, desiccant accounts for 2%, and titanium dioxide accounts for a high percentage of 40%. In white tin printing ink, the resin binder is around 40%, auxiliary agent is around 8%, desiccant is around 2%, and titanium dioxide is around a high percentage of 50%. So, TiO2 plays an important role in ink, and the quality of titanium dioxide will affect on the property of ink. Titanium dioxide is non-toxic with good whiteness, brightness and gloss. With good weather resistance and long lastness, it has good wetting ability and is easy to be dispersed. Therefore, titanium dioxide is one of the top choice of white pigment in ink application.

titanium dioxide