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There are answers to various general questions about Silicone Defoamer here

There are answers to various general questions about Silicone Defoamer here.

Products are all formed by coating a silicone oil film on the surface. The surface of the silicone oil film is short and impermeable, with good characteristics such as heat resistance, electrical insulation, weather resistance, chemical stability, hydrophobicity, low surface tension, high and low temperature resistance, and breathability. Some surfaces that meet the requirements for foaming are smooth, while inert surfaces have small pores that cannot be seen by the naked eye. The coating is thick and does not fall off, and this substance contains hydrocarbons, Taking care of children’s eyes has a stimulating effect.

Silicone Defoamer similar to SD100TS

The surface of the silicone oil film deforms, resulting in ring opening of the reducing dye on the dye, leading to dye sublimation.

In addition, the vulcanized product of waste polyester has good anti-aging performance outdoors. It does not contain solvents, is tasteless, non-toxic, and has chemical corrosion resistance, resistance to 3, dust, tear, heat resistance, ozone resistance, UV resistance and other properties. However, during vulcanization, it often generates static electricity (pesticides, fertilizers, pesticide application, etc.). Therefore, silicone oil film is both an insulating material and an insulating material, which can be coupled with other materials.

At present, many manufacturers in the market use amino silicone oil, and most people prefer amino silicone oil because some amino silicone oil has a strong affinity for amino silicone oil, while amino silicone oil has a clear affinity for amino silicone oil. Therefore, the application range of amino silicone oil is mainly in textiles and irritating products.

Currently, the most commonly used softeners are amino silicone oil and textile softeners. Sometimes there may be some softeners containing amino silicone oil, but the interfacial properties of amino silicone oil are not very obvious. Therefore, we need to check the specific product’s hand feel and the finishing of the fabric. If the product’s hand feel is poor, it is easy to support the fabric. It should be noted that the solid content of amino silicone oil or amino silicone oil on the sand paste is higher than 60%, This is also a serious influencing factor for the phenomenon of “color change” in printed and dyed fabrics. At present, the development speed of high-end softeners in China is very fast, but often some softeners are needed to improve the texture of fabrics

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