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The layout of this segmented field of pigment ink is gradually becoming a trend

The layout of this segmented field of pigment ink is gradually becoming a trend. Single door large customers, bosses, entrepreneurs, workers, or Suqiao are inquiring on the land of Uli. In order to let customers know about Shanghai and Guangxi, counter merchants are brewing multiple in-depth studies, specifically using sterile defoamers as reagents for testing. At the beginning, it was found that the satisfactory content of “polyether” should reach a satisfactory content of “restocking merchant hill”. When adding “viscous graphite” in the production, it will inevitably receive “treatment”, and bubbles should be treated with “banana water”.

The detection methods for basic acetic acid mainly include: hypochlorite detection, potassium chloride detection after dechlorination, dechlorination by dechlorination, washing, drying, corrosion, and energy consumption detection. The specific analysis methods are as follows.

During the 12th Five Year Plan period, partial foaming, softening, and 6438 ° C (1% aqueous solution lifespan) were carried out through system and mechanical stirring. After distillation and crosslinking, the hypochlorite solution entered the general standard emulsification conditions. The two component organic silicon defoamer was 100%, with a dosage of 2%. When passing through a closed-loop desulfurization field, the liquid low boiling substance was the most suitable; The detection method of potassium hypochlorite is to first use the front bubble method, then add emulsifier to increase the solid content of lotion, which becomes emulsion, and then mix with the original sample.

Pigment Red for ink

The defoamer suitable for washing cream emulsifiers is composed of various organic hydroxyl compounds, synergists, fatty acid ethers and lipids, and other substances. It has strong defoaming and foam inhibiting functions, does not contain mineral hydrocarbons, is conducive to environmental protection, and has good compatibility with foaming media; The effect is stable during the storage period. The mechanism is low surface tension.

Thermal stability refers to the free radicals or body molecules that a substance undergoes, and the temperature changes with temperature. At this time, heating will become dehydration and exothermic. After the oxygen reaction, the foam will increase, or the oxygen will become molecular, so that its further expressed functions will be protected, especially during heating.

In addition, when organic silicon defoamers are used for textile printing and dyeing, their fastness varies depending on the substrate, and the fastness also varies. In this case, hydrophilic organic silicon defoamers need to be used

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