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The detailed introduction of silicone fluid is all here

The detailed introduction of silicone fluid is here. I would like to add silicone through a special processing process of polymerization reaction.

Silicone, highly transparent silicone, high-strength silicone, ultra-low ash rubber, environmentally friendly wet solution silicone, air filter, learning silicone, making silicone, high-temperature insulation silicone, injection molded silicone rubber, etc.

Silicone rubber products usually refer to the main chain consisting of carbon ethylene silicone rubber (an added liquid silicone rubber with a quantity of 100 kilograms and 0.5 parts of ethylene) and added silicone. Conventional samples can be heated to 8 degrees Celsius and have high environmental friendliness. Almost all materials such as food made of silicone (including Shenzhen silicone rubber), blue alkaline silicone rubber, and kitchen appliances can also be used.

Before making a purchase, first understand the advantages you need. Mainly based on transparency, it can be directly diluted and used without polluting clothing and packaging. Excellent moisture resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, etc., which helps to reduce the operating temperature of oil components.

Maintain basic sewing distance or color between sewing thread and difficult to measure parts. The position (hydraulic) can be a conventional cross cone, accurately measured using tools such as limestone.

Supported well, without damaging the equipment, has no impact on the machine, can extrude the machine, and is equipped with a frequency converter to adjust the speed.

Cover the material, heat it wet with a hot oil furnace, and heat it to 400 ° C~260 ° C with fuel oil.

Linear Silicone Fluids

After adding a dispersant, the principle of dispersion of pigment paste is to apply pigment aggregates (formed by the adsorption of pigment particles) to the surface of the object, keeping it in a dispersed state.

● Grassroots treatment: Grassroots treatment should not cause damage to materials. If the materials are abnormal, strict control should be exercised.

● Coating layer: It has a certain wetting contact angle on the surface of the material, and rough wood veneer should be used as the backing paper. It is required that the density of the paint should remain unchanged.

Poor leveling of the coating is not uniform and should be appropriately diluted; The bubbles on the surface of the wooden film will decrease with time, and there should be appropriate rebound force.

The wettability, dispersion, and leveling of pigments, and the overall fine particle leveling of the sand mill; The surface of the coating is smooth like porcelain and has good fluidity.

● Wetting: Firstly, the surface tension of the coating is an important factor affecting its gloss, and the leveling performance of the coating affects the hardness, toughness, and other properties of the coating film. The greater the gloss, the darker the color.

As a wetting and dispersing agent, it can enhance the gloss and weather resistance of coatings, and is used to improve the flowability and leveling of coatings.

The molecular structure of pressure sensitive adhesive affects the surface tension of the coating film. Due to the influence of viscosity, when the viscosity of the coating film is high, the surface tension of the pigment particles rapidly decreases, causing the coating film to be filled with hydrophobicity, resulting in a decrease in the surface tension of the film.

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