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The detailed introduction of pigment paste is all here

The detailed introduction of pigment paste is all here! Jiaxing Heze PVC material YARU 08 transparent pigment manufacturer.

Main products: water-based color paste, leather edge oil color paste, latex paint color paste, ceramic color paste, paper color paste, leather color paste, printing color paste.

Jiaxing Haining epoxy floor color paste, big red pink paste, water-based industrial paint color paste wholesale, Shanghai color paste wholesale price.

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6206 water-based epoxy zinc rich primer 1202 water-based epoxy zinc rich primer water-based floor paint epoxy baking paint UV baking paint colorful coating epoxy baking paint water-based epoxy zinc rich primer varnish.

This product and general anti-corrosion materials, including smoke, dust, cement, paint, gypsum, cement products and paint, spraying, as well as various plastics, cement, pigments, paint components, water-based, salt spray resistance, lightning protection, and corrosion resistance to microorganisms that damage organic substances.

This product has a validity period of 280 days. Containers that have been used should be opened as soon as possible. Storage containers must be labeled and stirred evenly before use.

● The validity period of this product is 280 days. Special equipment is required for dust and paint powder spraying. spray, dust removal, heating and drying, 1-2 hours. Special equipment is required for dust and paint powder spraying.

Before spraying, the product should be evenly coated on the surface of the substrate with a suitable ratio of pH, temperature, time, etc. using small bucket paper, and then mixed with water for use.

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