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Take you to learn about the pigment paste manufacturer Shandong Yonggu Red Factory Naphthol Foaming Agent 3132 Big Red Powder Yonggu Red F-H2156.

Product Introduction: This product is a naphthol foaming agent, a special chemical substance of the dioxane class, mainly used for pure solvents and marine gases, as well as providing catalysts for hydrofluoric acid esters.

Organic pigment color

It is also used in condensers for carbonate solvent based and water treatment systems, as well as as as the final products of various solutions. Product characteristics:

1. Broad spectrum ion activity, effective free radical scavenging for absorbed objects and solvents at low doses, and can also be used as an antioxidant on its own;

2 can improve the uniformity of antioxidant enzymes within cells, exert their ability to resist stress, prevent pathogen oxidation, and prevent symptoms such as turbidity and sedimentation caused by bacteriostasis;

3.PS molecular formula: The molecular weight of C is used to control the reaction time, mainly for serum, shellac, vaccines, proteins, high-quality cellulose, and can also be directly used as an antioxidant;

4 Physiological functions: A good infection experience helps the body resist oxidation, maintain the integrity of cell membranes, and enhance immunity;

5. High molecular weight: 10-30nm aqueous solution, 120-350ppm molecular weight, 50-1, prone to turbidity and anti absorption; 6 polyurea solution, 240-380nm aqueous solution Product performance indicators: Appearance liquid nm 47-62 pH value 60 pH value 7-8 50 refractive index 14-100% pH value 5-8 4 pH>8 pH value 5-9 Store for 24 hours without heating. Dosage: 10-30 This product is a usable hydrogen containing silicone oil lotion.

White oil, also known as methyl silicone oil or ethoxysilicone oil, is a type of polyorganosiloxane with different polymerization degree chain structures. It is prepared by hydrolysis of dimethyl dichlorosilane with water to obtain an initial condensed ring body. The ring body is cracked and distilled to obtain a low ring body. Then, the ring body, sealing agent, and catalyst are mixed together to obtain a mixture of different degrees of polymerization. After vacuum distillation, the low boiling substance is removed to produce silicone oil.

Plastics: EVA, TPU, TPV, polyethylene, vinyl ester resin, ethoxysilane, some powders, dimethyl silicone oil, vinyl silicone oil, various hydrogen containing silicone oil lotion.

Rubber: EVA, PE component, polyurethane, chloroether resin, rubber emulsion (A), chloroether resin, metal soap (B), palladium molybdenum nickel resin, cobalt acid enamel, ancient copper pigment, melting (I pH value).

Silicon powder: mold silicone, silicone rubber, pad printing silicone, PU (CTIC) for construction, PU (Unit) for gears, toluene solution, food grade silicone, medical silicone, dry silicone, phase change silicone, silicone oil, fluorinated silicone rubber, silicone grease, vinyl silicone wax, solid lubricant, liquid thickener, wire cutting adhesive, polymer adhesive, electronic adhesive, lubricating grease, heat dissipation paste, mint oil, mineral oil, and various solvents.

Silicone, silicone rubber, titanium dioxide, carbo resin, polyethylene resin, polyester resin, molded plastics, various types of plastic, fiberglass products, and various new functional materials.

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