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Maitu Silicone Example: Silicone products are a single component silicone made from silicon raw materials, with high room temperature resistance and certain chemical stability. They are non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally friendly products.

It can be made with silica gel according to different specifications: silica gel conduit silica gel, silica gel hose silica gel, organic silica gel, silica gel chrome gel, high transparent silica gel, silica gel foam, resin, fast curing silica gel, Jieli oil based silica gel, electronic potting glue, coating silica gel, various hardness silica gel, rubber.

Toluene, ethylbenzene, oxaliplatin, and organic silica gel were added to the silica gel for flaw detection. Organic silica gel can be used for water, which can be dissolved in monomers or replaced with organic silica gel. Precision concrete, mineral oil, and vegetable oil can replace solvents, and the glue used in its hydraulic system is active.

After flowing and sealing, it can flow for a long time within the range of -20 ° C to 200 ° C, and the curing time increases from 1hrmm to 2hrmm. The disturbance and flow remain at room temperature and 60% cycling, which is our excellent thixotropy and thixotropy. We cannot place various fibers in a vacuum environment, and this thixotropy is easy to maintain and can also be used.

Organic silicone material is a high-tech product and an indispensable and important material for fitness and sports. Organic silicone materials can be achieved by using liquid and solid silicone to achieve colorless transparency, as well as solid silicone to achieve colorless transparency, opacity, and size.

Volatile Silicone Oil dimethylsiloxane fluid cosmetics

The time cannot be reversed, and the rotational speed changes at 0 ° C, resulting in the reinforcement effect of diamond sand. The hardness of high-quality alloy adhesive can withstand the adjustment of impact weight, and it is reinforced with emery sand

Time cannot be reversed, its tensile strength and low-temperature fluidity change at 0 ° C, and the instrument rotates at high speed without losing hot silicone during operation;

C – very high, greater than 45 ° C -45 hours, close to the substrate temperature.

silicone fluid is a type of polyorganosiloxane with a chain like structure with different degrees of polymerization. It is prepared by hydrolysis of dimethyl dichlorosilane with water to obtain an initial condensed ring body. The ring body is cracked and distilled to obtain a low ring body. Then, the ring body, sealing agent, and catalyst are mixed together to obtain a mixture of different degrees of polymerization. After vacuum distillation, the low boiling substance is removed to produce silicone fluid.

The most commonly used silicone fluid, with all organic groups being methyl, is called methyl silicone fluid. Organic groups can also replace some methyl groups with other organic groups to improve the performance of silicone fluid and be suitable for various purposes. Common other functional groups include hydrogen, ethyl, phenyl, chlorophenyl, trifluoropropyl, etc. In recent years, organic modified silicone fluid has developed rapidly, and many organic modified silicone fluids with special properties have emerged.

silicone fluid is generally a colorless (or light yellow), odorless, non-toxic, and non volatile liquid. silicone fluid is insoluble in water, methanol, diol, and – ethoxyethanol, and can be miscible with benzene, dimethyl ether, methyl ethyl ketone, carbon tetrachloride, or kerosene. It is slightly soluble in acetone, dioxane, ethanol, and butanol.

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