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To introduce you to the academic leaders of Silicone Defoamer company in 2005; ISO9000; Our company can organize the applicable systems accordingly.

Suitable for various water-based systems, with excellent defoaming and foam suppression performance.

Waterproof, solvent free, with excellent defoaming and foam suppression properties, with a minimum foam suppression, allowing the entire system to be completely soaked in water.

It does not contain solvents and has excellent defoaming and foam suppression properties, with the lowest foam suppression performance. It can also be quickly improved under various conditions within and above the process. Will not cause defects during repainting.

Organic silicon defoamers have both anti foaming properties and can defoaming within the same concentration, pH (3), temperature, and time range. It will not produce many long-lasting defoaming and anti foaming properties, so it is necessary to use it in certain places.

As a defoamer used for personal work and cosmetics, it makes the formula of defoamer more light and has the characteristics of efficient foam while defoaming.

Firstly, it should be noted that as a defoamer, it must have good defoaming performance, and an oil soluble solution is a substance that is insoluble in water. Defoaming on the surface of solid particles can form an organic silicone waterproof coating, or an organic silicone waterproof coating can be formed on the surface of materials such as paint and oil, thereby achieving the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Silicone Defoamer HY8200

After such investigation, it is not to ensure the normal use of defoamers, but to select and adjust them based on their own formula, choose suitable defoamers or use specialized defoamers of the company’s quality, which is related to the effectiveness of defoaming.

Apple vinegar water glass and defoaming silicone defoaming lotion with defoaming effect can significantly buffer and defoaming effect after adding vulcanizing agent. This defoaming effect is similar to the viscous liquid of grape acid and orange juice, which is a bit thick like jelly.

Because the removal of the above major components disrupts the stable performance of water glass, achieving emulsification effect and greatly improving the quality of water; This ensures that the water-based defoamer is ideal in this process, because it can be lost at will without bringing good results to production, so we chose this release agent to help reduce the production of foam.

Add about 2 times the amount of monoethanolamine to the product, stir well, and then add 30-35 times the amount of monoethanolamine. Stir at 60 ° -100 ° C and add. Heat with 01-03% at 10 ° C to about 20 ° C, filter thoroughly.

Use a small amount of defoamer. Generally, the defoamer addition is 2~4%. It can also be used once before use. It is recommended that the baking temperature, heat conduction time and lotion are all 1/3~5/h of our products, 25- ratio.

G/60KG closed plastic drum packaging.

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