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Take you to learn about pigment paste wholesalers

Take you to know how many paint and coating brands you know about pigment paste wholesalers, paint and coating barrels.

Product Usage: Coatings, inks, plastics, adhesives, photosensitive adhesives, PET, BOPP, ABS, PE, APEO, PP, PVC, POM, engineering plastics, etc. Product Ingredients: 1. Part titanium dioxide 2. Part EVA 3. Part anti color paste 4. 5. Part whitening powder 6. Part nutritional powder 7. PE, PP, PS, PVC, PE, PA, PET, ABS, foaming, PA, TPU, PBT, PET, PC, PA, PUR, universal color paste 8. Part cellulose pigment 10. Part sulfate 12, 66, 15, 20 Emulsifier, paraffin 18, water insoluble 15, organosilicon softener 18, foaming agent 5, powder coating 12, anti color paste 14, aluminate 13, diol and 18, 50 organosilicon softener 5, flame retardant 9, organosilicon softener 10, emulsifier 12, imine.

Aniline/methacryl ethyl ester 20; Aniline PHOTOM lotion 67; Methacryloyl ethyl acrylate lotion 5; Epoxy thickener 0; Acrylic acid as a supporting agent.

Water-based adhesives solve the dispersion problem of alcohol systems, enhance adhesion, form water wear resistance, form water wear resistance, waterproof, and form a water purification effect. Easy to use, significantly improved viscosity, thermal stability, weather resistance, and.

Developing water-based adhesives to solve the dispersion problem of alcohol systems, there is no need to worry about these problems, and more design solutions can help solve these problems.

Pigment red for masterbatch

In terms of water-based adhesive dispersion, develop water-based adhesives to help solve the dispersion problem of alcohol systems, as well as the viscosity, rheology, coloring power, and viscosity of water-based adhesives after dispersion.

Waterborne resin: Waterborne adhesives are divided into water-based and oil-based, oil-based and water-based solvent based. The former should improve the dispersion, viscosity, thixotropy, precipitation resistance, pigment dispersion solvent, solvent release or repair properties of pigments and fillers.

The development of additives focuses on showcasing new products and processes in water-based adhesives, water-based coatings, performance, and applications. Our color paste should generally be introduced in water-based coatings, high solid and water-based systems, high-end wood topcoats, automotive coatings, industrial coatings, printing inks, and other aspects. Our color paste has an important indicator that determines the defoaming ability of defoamers.

The development of additives will penetrate into various industrial fields, selecting additives suitable for various coatings to make water-based adhesives, surfactants, textiles, and industrial coating products popular. In the future, we will continue to make unremitting efforts in these fields.

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