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Take you to learn about pigment paste suppliers

Take you to learn about pigment paste suppliers and pigment inks for paints.

Product features: EPDM matte slurry is a solvent based wood paint used in resin free systems. Has excellent coloring power, covering power, alcohol resistance, and electrical characteristics. Has no effect on gloss and reduces color mixing requirements.

Product features: Anchored between LCR-8500/130, with excellent weather resistance; Heat resistance stability; Fast drying speed; Water and salt water resistance; Salt spray resistance, acid and alkali resistance. Mainly used for wood paint, varnish and color paint, printing ink, etc.

Product features: Magnesium aluminum silicate water-based pigment paste, with polyvinyl alcohol odor, alkyd paint model – α Type B α F-type C-type latex color paste, containing very little MgO, is a natural heavy calcium pigment; A water-based defoamer of high-purity aluminum hydroxide, which has the effects of producing heavy oil and thrombosis; Magnesium silicate has peptides, taken from sealed containers of sodium phosphate, used for strengthening electroplating, making electroplating copper and copper alloys, adding 05g/l B-type deionized water, printing machines, etc;

Non ionic active powder, thickener modified with sulfuric acid, can quickly blacken the surface of metals.

Bisphenol A liquid epoxy resin; Additive liquid silicone rubber; Mica powder; Polystyrene resin;

Emulsified silicone oil; Defoamer; Anti static silicone oil; Dimethyl silicone oil; Emulsified silicone oil; Waterproof agent; Antifreeze

Hydrogen containing silicone oil; Organic silicon defoamer; Methyl silicone oil; Silicon dioxide defoamer; Hexamethyldisiloxane, dimethylsiloxane.

Pigment Orange 62

Water soluble silicone oil; Polyether modified silicone oil; Organic silicon defoamer; High temperature resistant silicone defoamer; Polyether modified silicone oil; Silicone free defoamer Organic silicon defoamer.

Agricultural organosilicon additives; Fast penetrating agent, hydrophobic wetting emulsion, dispersant, penetrating agent, release agent.

Silicon free/insoluble; It can be used as a lubricant, defoamer, heat and cold resistant agent, with good heat resistance, water resistance, and electrolyte resistance.

Anti mold and preservative; Fungicides; Paint anti mold and anti-corrosion agent; Anti mold and preservative; Fungicides; Antimold agents; Antifungal agent

Hydrogen containing silicone oil; Organic silicone waterproofing agent; Hydrogen containing silicone oil; Silicon opening agent; High hydrogen silicone oil; Low hydrogen silicone oil; Methyl silicone oil; Polymer rubber and plastic release agent; Organic silicone waterproofing agent; Silicone free/HH oil-based waterproof agent;

Organic silicone waterproofing agent; Hydrophobic agents; Antifreeze agents; Polishing agent; Silane coupling agent; Surfactants; Oil extraction and processing.

● Silicone hydrogen distribution agent; General control additive 2. Performance of release agent: Primary liquid silane is a low molecular weight non condensing silane with low viscosity, good dilution stability, and easy operation.

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