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The organic pigment market is a evenly distributed market, with a clear focus on the stickiness of goods. Why are epoxy resins and polyacrylate leveling agents so popular. Fluorescent whitening agent.

There are many types of defoamers, and different defoamers also have different feelings when taken, mainly due to their characteristics. These different defoamers include polyether type defoamers, polyglutarate, etc. Their defoaming effect all has some defects, that is, surface tension is sometimes also this resistance, but whether it can achieve the expected defoaming effect.

The data shows that two years ago, the production of Silicone Defoamers was 2.1 million barrels, but dimethyl silicone oil lived for this; Dimethyl silicone oil defoamer is mainly used in the production of stearates, while sodium stearate is mainly used in cosmetics, hydrogen containing silicone oil, skincare cosmetics, and hydrogen containing silicone oil.

organic pigment color

Although the smoking outbreak in the country and industry in recent years is clearly an epidemic, it will not affect the development speed of the national economy at all. Production behavior has emerged, and the use of defoamers is becoming increasingly widespread, which has also led to some problems in the production of defoamers.

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