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Let me introduce you to Dow Corning Dimethyl Silicone Oil D4 Dimethyl Silicone Oil 1000CS Dimethyl Silicone Oil Factory Direct Sales, an organic pigment company.

This product is a high-end silicone smoothing softener that can impart excellent smoothness, anti-static, sweat absorption, breathability, hand feel, breathability, sweat absorption, and anti fouling properties to fabrics. It has a long-lasting effect, low viscosity temperature coefficient, and good anti adhesion. It can improve the elasticity of the fabric and increase its luster. It can be used as a cleaning agent to improve the surface of leather, paper, ceramics, glass, and enamel, reducing or eliminating phenomena such as oil floating and greasiness. Easy to use, without oil drift or flocculation.

This product is an agricultural organic silicone lotion, which can be used as color fixative, gasoline, transformer oil, engine oil, mousse, and non silk softener to increase the lubricity of rubber. It is an auxiliary agent, without oil seepage and release agent.

Usage: Use a tank (with a dilution ratio), that is, after mixing the liquid and materials, mix them evenly through appropriate stirring.

·Please carefully evaluate before use, applicable to all pH values and personal recommended non aqueous solution;

Storage: Sealed and stored indoors in a cool, ventilated, and dry place. Before use, the container should be tightly sealed after each use.

Safety: It is harmless to the human body or environment, meaning it does not cause harm to the human body and is beneficial to human health.

Widely used in sports equipment, electrical appliances, electronic screws, instruments, watches, cameras, toys, lubricants, brake oil, lubricants, urea, electricity, metallurgy, building materials, semiconductors, medical equipment, and many other sports equipment. Usage.

You can take medicine three times, doctor. If you recommend Deyang disinfectant, Deyang Disinfection should handle you.

Organic Pigments color cards

The dosage should be appropriate, with a span of 05~1mm (for the dosage direction of ordinary emulsifiers, the emergency dosage should be a percentage of less than 805 kilograms).

Medication: The recommended dosage for oral cream is 999-02 grams (measured after dilution).

Based on the above regulations, the precautions for disinfection and sterilization in Deyang are provided by relevant departments. If you have used quality judgment standards for Deyang disinfection and sterilization, it is not only appropriate but also fails to meet the standards for reducing sterilization costs.

For specific disinfection and sterilization, Deyang disinfection and sterilization should choose appropriate disinfection and sterilization methods based on specific usage conditions and needs. According to specific usage requirements, try to use the product with fast efficacy to avoid increasing irritation and damage due to expiration, and achieve good results.

The specific usage requirements are analyzed below, and the usage conditions for Deyang disinfection and sterilization are as follows.

Retrieve the certificate, then wipe the body with a damp cloth and thoroughly rinse with soap and a rubber rod.

Disinfection time: 2-3 days Sterilization and disinfection: 1-2 days. If the affected area or area is affected, first add detergent or soap, then rinse with water, and cultivate regular sterilization operations that inhibit bacteria.

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