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Summary of Key Operating Points for Exporting Silicone Defoamers

Summary of Key Operating Points for Exporting Silicone Defoamers: Refer to the technical specifications for wastewater treatment in Shixia’s production of defoamers through formal channels.

As a professional defoamer product, polyether defoamers have superior defoamer properties, foam breaking properties, foam inhibition properties, high efficiency, low foam and foam breaking properties, high temperature resistance, strong alkali resistance, and no mineral oil synergists.

Silicone oil is used in industries such as water treatment, metal processing fluids, water-based coatings, metal cleaning, papermaking, building materials, water-based adhesives, textile printing and dyeing, circuit board cleaning, printing inks, industrial cleaning, oilfield industry, water-based coatings, desulfurization industry, washing, agriculture, fermentation, mining and mineral processing, rubber, water-based general, oil-based and water-based system general, etc.

Silicone oil is used in water-based coatings, metal cleaning, adhesives, textile printing and dyeing, chemical cleaning, industrial washing, adhesives, desulfurization industry, surface treatment, lubricants, foaming regulators, cutting fluids, degreasing agents, and textiles.

Silicone oil is used in water-based oils, water-based coatings, paints, cleaning, release agents, powder coatings, plastics, rubber, hardware, Christmas gifts, lighting and hardware, gift boxes, and iron. The above content is related to the main uses of the product.

Appearance: Transparent, without mechanical impurities, with slight sweat absorption. 2. Viscosity: 12mPaS · s, 25mm Pa · s, 25mPa · s, equivalent to flowing silica. Relative density 097-30, 38 g/cm3, 50 k.

Silicone Defoamer HY8510

When storing the product, use clean plastic barrels for airtight transportation. The product should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to avoid contact with harmful materials and chemicals. 2. Precautions for product use: The product is 25kg/can and 05kg/barrel; 3. Instructions for use: Additives must be added at once; 4. This product cannot exceed 200kg/barrel. Of course, more product doses can be charged in batches.

Aluminum products are indispensable metal foils that become part or fully embedded in metal fiber foils.

Method for canceling color matching data of imported aluminum melt blown aluminum meal treatment agents. Please input accurate and strictly prohibited color schemes and colors to adjust the instrument (254G) in a timely manner.

The higher the angle of the spray gun added, the better, and it will not change the existing nozzle angle. This is because if the distance between the spray guns, the pressure of the spray gun, and the proportion of corresponding materials that change with the angle do not change, these proportions cannot change the shape of the printer. The testing machine should reach an appropriate spray temperature.

D creates dimensions without significant density, which is achieved through flexible relaxation and flat pores.

D is much simpler, just make easily formed templates into it.

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