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Stable off-season, pay attention to new silicone fluid products and channel changes

Stable off-season, pay attention to new silicone fluid products and channel changes, and pay attention to system safety.

In the first year of lagging behind countries in terms of quality, European and American countries have reduced consumption from beginning to end. This industry has improved the operation of the entire industry, technical requirements, and outstanding industries.

Volatile Silicone Oil dimethylsiloxane fluid cosmetics

Quality is the function of the product structure itself, taking direct utilization of resources to reduce costs and reduce emissions of three wastes as an example;

Applied to: facial cleansers, shower gel, dishwashing detergent, shampoo, hair conditioner, baking cream, hair care products, sun protection products, skincare products, sun protection products, shaving products, etc.

Excellent pigments, paints, resins, nylon, refractory materials, silica, etc. can all have excellent dispersion performance, excellent water resistance and weather resistance, which is different from other lubricants.

It is the core technology for consumer upgrading, and significant progress has been made in various countries’ consumption strategies, automation, and technological levels. The twin screw extruder has superior comprehensive performance, superior mechanics, high toughness, and fine printing quality compared to the factory steel mold vertical granulator.

The classification of heat transfer paper is based on the different uses of printed products. Heat transfer paper can be divided into heat transfer resin, heat transfer paper, polyester, etc. Heat transfer paper can be divided into heat transfer resin, polyester, etc. Heat transfer paper is a type of paper ink that utilizes thermal sublimation to gradually transform into patterns, which are then printed according to their shape. Heat transfer printing paper is a printing process that utilizes thermal sublimation technology to produce and process patterns according to their requirements. The coating amount of the packaging printing pattern is related to the printing process.

The classification of heat transfer adhesive films is based on the principle of cold transfer printing. The fluid is printed onto the heat transfer film using a heat transfer film, and after the temperature reaches the heating temperature, the processed material is printed.

UV/EB film is the substrate layer for heat transfer printing, which can be cured by UV light. The overload protection coating and UV cover can be set under UV light and can produce visible colors.

When switching to LED lights, the aging of PVC PL lights and GS02 lights should be followed, and the thickness should be uneven. If the coating on the adhesive cup is uneven or the surface is uneven, it can affect the lifespan of UV lights.

● Anti static function: Anti static function is an anti static function that can shield and prevent corona.

When unpacking the surface wrapping PETE material, the PETE material should be removed first, and other additives should be added to change the physical properties of its surface, such as the protective effect of the surface, so as to remove dust, pigments, coatings, plastics and other coated materials, grease or protective substances from the surface of paint, varnish, etc., and correspondingly improve its performance, safety, and environmental protection.

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