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Stable off-season, pay attention to new products and channel changes of rutile titanium dioxide powder

The off-season is stable, with constant attention to the changes in new products and channels of rutile titanium dioxide, and the off-season is becoming more popular. Let’s take a look together: The main components of defoamers include water, glycerol, ink, water purifier, and xylene. What is the reaction when adding water? The main function of defoamer is to prevent the formation of foam. The material to eliminate bubbles is organic silicon, which can be seen from its use. Adding water to defoamers can significantly improve surface energy.

Improving the added value of a product starts with surface tension, and it can be considered that the surface exerts force, which is certainly not a secret. These properties are for the addition of active ingredients, but they do not have much value. These properties are coatings, and the surface layer properties will be affected to a certain extent, and chemical reactions will occur, causing the gloss to begin to deteriorate, not only unable to generate surface tension, but also unable to provide insulation. Properties of water-based paint.

Titanium dioxide

Waterborne paint, as the foundation of life, is also an important component of life for us. Water-based paint has a considerable advantage due to its wide range of applications and people’s needs. Therefore, water-based paint is a good organic solvent.

BESAS5400 is a type of coating that uses water as the main solvent, undergoes chemical optimization and scientific formulation to produce many coatings with excellent performance and high decorative properties. It is a widely used and highly weather resistant material, such as chemical resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, etc. The aqueous system of BESAS5400 has hydrophobicity.

As an essential supporting corrosion inhibitor in the industry, BESAS5400’s metal soap, wax, tungsten, and molybdenum soap enhance its corrosion inhibition effect by making metal corrosion not light and maintaining the cleanliness of the entire corrosive environment.

The production method of BESAS5400 is flexible and can be applied flexibly to harsh conditions. The sales channels in the product industry and within the industry are all covered by BESAS5400 for product agency. He also developed a series of additives such as lemon, rose fruit, lemon, and wheat.

CO2-30 is an essential raw material for pre-treatment, mixing, and dispersion equipment, as well as an expert in production processes and application technologies. BESAS5400 ultimately successfully registered as a BESAS5400CS distributor chuck.

ESL-4015 is a 100% solvent free diluent that absorbs acrylic acid and hydrogen peroxide with high activity, such as other additives such as ECG and CO2. It can be used alone or mixed with resin, but cannot be mixed. It should be according to the contract requirements, and the specific dosage depends on the formula type.

PVC matting agent NFP-3 matte PVC artificial leather partially semi matte PVC product matting powder.

Waterborne universal dispersant QHD 910W inorganic filler titanium white powder carbon black organic pigment dispersant.

The main products include: antistatic agents lq01, N235, octadecyl acrylate, trimethylolpropane trimethylacrylate, dodecyl tertiary amine, octadecyl tertiary amine, pentamethylenetriamine, and trioctylamine.

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