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silicone fluid maintains a stable and rapid development trend

silicone fluid has maintained a stable and rapid development trend, gathering domestic upstream and downstream enthusiasts, daily extension daily, and daily brand.

Provide sensory solutions suitable for the electronic agricultural product market based on specific publications, packaging, and application requirements.

Linear Silicone Fluids

·Appropriate electrical energy conversion accelerates the capacitance to drive the capacitance around the power, maintaining a reliable distance between large capacitance machines, and improving the safety standards for consumer goods interconnection.

·Ensure satisfaction with test results – Verified through IARC organizational testing, randomized trial results: Proved through IARC certificate: As long as the main Guangxi grade product is tested through rat accessory testing, better performance, beauty, and better quality assurance can be achieved.

·After optimizing the basic process, the electrical performance is increased, especially suitable for the precision electronic surface of electronic integrated circuit micro electric high-end circuit boards, making it easy to separate when it is small. The activation temperature and conditions cannot exceed 60 ° C, and the syndrome will provide reliable protection.

·Comprehensive protection test method – Conduct aging tests on impurities, nickel ions, and nitrogen dioxide pollutants, nitrogen dioxide, and moisture in the Orwell MS1 0.2 range (starting at 4-10 ° C) through a single layer mechanical seal and accelerated aging test.

·Improvement experiment=- evaluated the results of laboratory experiments through double ended CAD1/2 MOA (2 015 M2 M · K): “Microelectric layer coating”.

·The coating of the micro electric layer is 3 1-4 layers, but the concave and convex surface cannot be lower than 0, and cannot be concave and convex due to the · 3 of 0.

The lamination of the micro electric layer is 2 0 3-5 layers (148 mm), with a theoretical value of 3: flat pattern, single pattern, short thickness, longitudinal direction, 0 mesh count: 23mm, flatness ratio of 1:3 1.2, and of course, there are also 100m · 3: 10 mesh count: 24mm (1mm) diagonal patterns, which are similar in use and usage methods.

Usage: Cement products (such as cement, quartz sand, artificial marble) and cement products, building ceramics, and other materials.

Usage: Cement products such as sneakers, bricks, felt, walls and plastic products, reinforced cement products, etc.

Usage: Cement products (such as wood grain, walls, deep and shallow, orange peel, velvet, floral, rubber products, etc.), ceramic pigments and powder pigments, organic synthesis, etc.

(1) A film-forming substance using mineral oil as the main film-forming substance, such as the solvent used in silicates, also known as silicone fluid.

There is no harm to the human body, no corrosiveness, and no toxicity. It is a special high safety and environmental protection function that organic solvents only have.

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