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Organic silicone defoamer with high production standards are recommended for low carbon cleaning agents and defoamers at dealer prices, such as organic silicon defoamers. So which manufacturers need defoamers? Thank you!

The problem with the narrow definition of Jisheng Solid is that it has a basic defoaming effect that can be achieved by inhibiting foam, achieving water based permeability, having high acid resistance, or when defoamers enter the material, or by adding additives such as lubricating oil. From the application characteristics, it can be seen that when the defoamer enters the surface of the product

The large amount of addition is based on everything and the mode of action. The liquid surface is a chemically inert substance that solidifies the solvent, and the bonding between the liquid surface and the liquid film interface. The stirring state is steam, liquid, and this process is carried out in the stirring state, followed by the addition of emulsifiers.

Silicone Defoamers

BYK-110 is a non yellowing, semi transparent, and liquid suitable for various adhesives. For benzene sol, polyethylene, polyacrylic acid, polyester, cellulose, epoxy resin, petroleum resin, printing ink, sulfonation, adhesives, etc., all have good foam suppression effects. Application field The thickening agent of acrylic lotion is suitable for water-based systems and can also use pigments.

Can be used as a preservative, antioxidant, and anti coking agent. The actual application effect is good, with efficient defoaming placement, and the price is cheap, which is a non slip product.

LOVIUN adhesive ® LSR T · 90 water-based handcrafted products! It is a water-based anti rust primer made by scientifically compounding various anti rust additives such as polyvinyl alcohol. LOVIUN glue.

Supply DF-681 water-based ceramic tile brightener printing and dyeing assistant DF-681 water-based ceramic tile fluorescent pigment.

DF-681 water-based ceramic tile fluorescent pigment lotion is a professional production type high-temperature ceramic tile fluorescent pigment.

Main products: Professional production and research of street ceramic products, warm art printing materials and decoration decoration, processing: aluminum plastic composite wire, lamp panel, positive pressure PE long nails, instant stickers, long-term coatings for art coatings, oily floor coatings, inks, floor coatings, high and low wetting agents, oily ceramic coatings, coil coatings, etc., with good water-based instant drying adhesive and gloss properties.

Main products: specializing in the production of environmentally friendly paint pigments, interior and exterior wall coatings, professional masterbatch adhesives, environmentally friendly leather, water-based printing coatings, functional masterbatch lotion, high-end printing paste, carbon black, intelligent environmental protection and other products

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