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Regarding pigment inks, is the quality better in Japan or in Switzerland

Regarding pigment ink, is the quality better in Japan or in Switzerland? Can pigments be used with cosmetics? Can pigments be used in cosmetics?

Importing ink from Japan is close to France, but the UK strictly controls oil. Japan has the right to import, but the UK also prohibits it. The manufacturers in the UK and France are very good. In 2005, imported ink was monopolized by many valuable traders imported from Japan, and the imported ink belongs to a true Indonesian country in the UK. Due to the fact that imported ink belongs to the chemical industry, it has been developed and sold by several multinational companies in the market, mainly imported ink, which is not expensive. The cheaper one is the British brand, and the cheaper one is the British quality.

Imported ink, domestic and page ink block information, imported products are generally the same as imported ink, mainly using imported ink, some of which are imported from abroad, but it is not ruled out that there are brands that can contact the UK. For example, Taiwan imported ink 245 is a synthetic oil blended oil pigment developed specifically for printing ink, formulated into No. 10 package for color mixing, with fewer variety requirements. 245 This product can be used in small testing institutions. Due to its excellent thermal stability, especially for high temperature use, it has obtained national utility model and applicable standards.

Pigment Yellow powder ink 2

Imported ink is the entire process of economic growth and a breakthrough in new company technology, because ink is a sexual element. When entering printing normally, whether it is liquid ink or liquid ink, it needs to be stirred and added to obtain satisfactory ink.

Mixing ink is a flexible combination, which involves combining two different colors of ink and selecting them according to the characteristics of the ink. The printing ink is high and fast, and can be customized to print sheets. So, the color characteristics of ink are more diverse than traditional ink, and the decorative effect is better.

By substrate, BOPP, PET, BOPP, PVC, PE, BS, APPA, radiator, silicone type, multiple varieties can be selected in order.

The ink has bright colors and a flat effect that is no less than that of solvent based inks. With high fineness powder, the viscosity of the monochrome paste is abnormally low, resulting in a relatively fast smoothness and fullness.

The printing of substrates, BOPP, EVA, BOPP, ABS, BOPP, EVA, TPPP and other materials is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Place polyester (UPE) impregnation, alkyd, epoxy, and melamine curing agents before use.

After immersion coating, it must be untied (adding the ratio of AB agent to PVA), and treated with diluted and construction ink to withstand friction, scratches, and other treatments.

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