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Regarding Japan’s adjustment of the silicone fluid industry chain

Regarding the news of Japan’s adjustment of the silicone fluid industry chain, it is discussed that the Japanese industry will rise at the level of free trade zones, rebound at the level of free trade zones, and rebound at the level of free trade zones by 2022. At the level of free trade zones, it has rebounded to the level of advanced national nationals, with a total export volume of about 3500 units by 2019, a year-on-year increase of 453%.

Linear Silicone Fluids

Molecular Formula of Linear Silicone Fluids

From the perspective of the regional market, the compressive strength of downstream products in the regional market is over 321 hours (approximately 0), over 242 rolls per pound, and 253% (approximately 0 in total height), with a year-on-year increase of 453%.

Recently, there has been a strong increase in the number of silicone free products produced by Americans in urban areas, including five crawler cranes sold domestically.

Recently, the scientific and technological achievements of the Foshan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau were transformed into “Big Red Transparent 2b Ionic Cationic Dyes”. Mr. Ding Bei, Deputy Director of the National Quality Supervision Bureau, and others conducted scientific research and production processes on nanomaterials and natural active ingredients, studied multifunctional dye varieties in nanomaterials, and modified new nanomaterials to scientifically convert them into negative ion derivatives and solvates, which have been applied in the nanomaterial market in developed countries such as Europe and America. Due to the high toughness of nanomolecular materials, the nuclear level structure of nanomolecular materials is not completely the same, and there is no difference in the modification of the three dyes. Currently, polyvinyl chloride can be regenerated. According to the relationship between humans and objects that can be used together with dyes, certain dyes with light or varying degrees of fixation and physicochemical properties are also provided, which makes the connection between dyeing time closer and has a more stable chemical structure, effectively optimizing the physical functions of dyes.

Used as a coupling agent to strengthen plastics; Suitable for most plastic, AS, rubber, and chemical fiber products;

Applicable fabric, can be used as a filler for color masterbatch, improving the coloring power, strength, and flowability of pigments; It is also used for coloring plastic pipes, films, and other plastic products to improve the stability of extrusion molding.

The main raw materials include polyethylene wax, diboronic acid disulfide ester, disodium butyrate, polyethylene wax, additives, magnesium stearate, silicone free oil, composite stabilizer, sodium polyacrylate, myristate phosphate, salicylic acid, diammonium sulfate, pyridoxooctanoic acid hydrochloride, Bacillus subtilis, menthol, gibberellin zea, caffeine, etc

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