Volatile Silicone Oil HY-101, 1.5cst

Volatile Silicone Oil HY-101,1.5cst is a transparent and colorless dimethylsiloxane fluid. It has high water resistance, good insulation, high compressibility, high shear, good dispersion and low surface tension. It also has low vapor pressure, low reactivity, good leveling property and good heat resistance. Polydimethylsiloxane(PDMS) HY-101,1.5cst has good compatibility with most cosmetic components and is soluble in most solvents. Its main application is personal care area. It has no sediment or residue, no greasy feeling, and can can make skin feel soft and slippery.It is a volatile polydimethylsiloxane with low viscosity. It is often used as volatile carrier or a basic liquid in personal care products, especially deodorants and antiperspirants, etc.

Product Details

Chemical information


Item Standard
Appearance Colorless liquid
Viscosity 1.5cst
Refractive index 1.387
Specific Gravity 0.85


Volatile Silicone Oil HY-101, 5cst is excellent in water resistance and dispersion. It has low vapor pressure and good leveling property, and can be applied in most cosmetic products


Personal care products:facial cleanser,hair spray, emulsion, moisturizing cream, nail polish, bath oil, deodorant and antiperspirant,etc

Industrial applications: lens coatings and glass bottles,mechanical oil,household products, and osmotic oil,etc.

Low viscosity silicone oil: end-capping agent for  silicone rubber and synthetic silicone oil, as well as viscosity modifier for low viscosity silicone oil.

Using method 

The specific amount of addition is determined according to the formula test.