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Dimethyl Silicone oil is the chemical form of polydimethylsiloxane(PDMS). And it is transparent and colorless dimethylsiloxane fluid from volatile to high viscosity. It has high transparency and is not toxic. The physical and chemical inert is very outstanding. Its heat and cold resistance is good. Also, Silicone oil HY201 350cst has low surface tension, good insulation, high compressibility, high weather resistance and good dispersion. It is thermal conductive and the conductivity is 0.134-0.159W/(m·K). It has high shear resistance and can work long term under -50℃~200℃. with its excellent physical property, silicone fluid HY-201 50cst can be used for damp resistance, deboosting, shock absorption, defoaming and polishing. The main application is as defoaming agent, releasing agent, polishing agent, lubricant, additive, etc. And its downstream industry is very wide, such as personal care, home care, plastic, rubber, mechanical, car, textile, leather and food industries.

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Product Details

Chemical information 


Item Standard
Appearance Colorless liquid
Viscosity 350cst
Refractive index 1.400-1.405
Specific Gravity 0.85
Density 0.955-0.985
Flash Point(℃) 300



Silicone Oil HY-201, 350cst has excellent dieelectric strength, good damping action, good oxidation resistance, and good corrosion resistance


As lubricant: silicone oil is suitable to use as the lubricant in rubber, plastic bearing, and gear. It can also help the lubricating for steel friction with other metals.

As releasing agent: with the no adhesion property with metal, plastics, and rubber, it can used as releasing agent for rubber or plastic products. It will make the releasing very convenient and the surface of the products will remain clean and smooth.

As insulation, dust-proof and mildew-proof coating: silicone oil is painted on the surface of glass or ceramic to form a thin layer of semi-permanent film with dust-proof, mildew proof, water-proof and insulating property.and for the insulating devices, the paint can improve the insulation ability.

As additive: it can be added as additive in various material to improve the gloss, such as in caoting, ink, car varnish, which can also improve the water resistance.

Using method

The specific amount of addition is determined according to the formula test.


200kgs/Drum or 1000kgs IBCS laoded in 20’FCL