Silicone leveling Agent HY1267

Similar to Q4-3667

Silicone Leveling Agent HY1267 is ABA reactive copolymer and is type of polydimethylsiloxane polyether compound capped with active hydroxyl. It can have reaction with organic polymers such as polyurethane. This reaction can enhance the adhesion resistance and smoothness of resin.

Product Details

Chemical information

Component: Polyether modified polysiloxane

Item Standard
Appearance Colorless to amber transparent oily liquid
Flash point >65℃
Refractive Index(25ºC) 1.4350-1.445
Viscosity(25ºC) 200-500mm2/s


Leveling Agent HY1267 can be applied in solvent based paint and water based paint. It can get the wettability and leveling of coating improved and is helpful for the wear resistance of the paint


HY1267 can be used directly or diluted. It  can be dispersed in hydrocarbon and oil and can be dissolved in water and polar solvent.Dosage: Hand feel: 0.2-1%; anti fouling: 2-6%; resin modification: 1-6%.It is necessary to make an application test to get satisfactory result. When the temperature is too low, the leveling agent will get cloudy, but when under heat it will disappear. This will not affect the use and quality of the product.