Silicone Leveling Agent HY1257

Similar to DC57

Silicone Leveling Agent HY1257 has excellent properties in the painting system. HY1257 has superior wetting ability of the substrate. It can make paint very glossy and smooth. It can enhance the slip and leveling in the ink and coating application.

Product Details

Chemical information

Component: Polyether modified polysiloxane

Item Standard
Appearance Colorless to amber transparent oily liquid
Flash point >100℃
Non-volatile content >99.0%
Refractive Index(25ºC) 1.4300-1.4400
Viscosity(25ºC) 200-500mm2/s


Leveling Agent HY1257 can be applied in solvent free paint, solvent based paint and water based paint. It can be recoated with right instruction. It can make the coating with scratch resistance


HY1257 has good effects at low concentrations.The dosage is decided by the formulation, the resin system, solvent and total solid content.The recommended dosage is 0.5-1.0% of the total formulations.The agent can be post-added or added during the grind or let-down. It is necessary to make an application test to get satisfactory result. When the temperature is too low, the leveling agent will get cloudy, but when under heat it will disappear. This will not affect the use and quality of the product.