Silicone Leveling Agent HY1223

similar to BYK323

Leveling Agent HY1223 is silicone leveling agent with defoaming property. It can slightly decrease the surface tension of paint system. Its defoaming ability is related with the polarity of paint system. It is silicone additive with stable and high temperature resistance. The inter-layer power is not affected at the temperature of 250℃.

Product Details

Chemical information 

Component:Polymethyl Alkly-Methyl Phenyl Alkyl polysiloxane

Item Standard
Appearance Colorless to amber transparent oily liquid
Non-volatile content >96.0%
Flash point >100℃


Leveling Agent HY1223 can improve the orientation of aluminum powder and flatting agent. It is low in surface tension and has anti-catering ability. Its compatibility is exellent in solvent based system and will not have sparkle even in the high solid paint system


The recommended dosage is 0.01~0.3% of the total solvent based or UV formulations.