Silicone Leveling Agent HY1208

Similar to Tego 410

Silicone Leveling Agent HY1208 can improve the smoothness and gloss in the paint and ink system. It can wet the substrate thoroughly. It also has good resistance to the scratch as well as good anti-crater property. Its compatibility is excellent in all kinds of paint and it can also be used in ink system.

Product Details

Chemical information 

Component: Polyether modified polysiloxane

Item Standard
Appearance Colorless to amber transparent oily liquid
Flash point >100℃
Non-volatile content >97.0%
Refractive Index(25ºC) 1.4300-1.4400
Viscosity(25ºC) 800-2000cs


It can increase the wear resistance and scratch resistance of coating and has good leveling property. It can help getting excellent slip effect.


HY1208 has good effects at low concentrations.The dosage is decided by the formulation, the resin system, solvent and total solid content.The recommended dosage is 0.1~1.0% wt% of the total formulations.The agent can be post-added or added during the grind or let-down.  An application test is needed to have satisfactory result.