Silicone Defoamer HY8510

Similar to Hemins 5300

Silicone Defoamer HY8510 is a type of modified polysiloxane defoamer, especially for the thick film of polyurethane coating. It can eliminate or restrain the bubbles occured during the production, stirring or construction of coating.

Product Details

Chemical information 

Component: Modified polysiloxane

Basic Character:

Item Standard
Appearance colorless transparent liquid
Volatile content(150℃/3h) <5%
Viscosity(25℃,mm2/s) 200-500



Silicone defoamer HY-8510is excellent in bubble inhibition and and has good bubble release effect on the air bubbles occured in the baking system of drenching coating or dipping coating. It has good compatibility, and it can eliminate the defects of crater, fish eye, pinhole, etc. of the coating film. It is very suitable for the application of various topcoats and varnishes


Suitable for PU, NC, PE, epoxy and other solvent based coating systems.


Using method

The dosage is very low. It’s best to dilute it with cyclohexanone / aromatic hydrocarbon solvent,and well stirred before use. The dosage is 10-70ppm of the total amount. It can be added at any stage of production. Please test more appropriate dosage and compatibility before use.