Rutile Titanium Dioxide for Ink

Similar to Huntsman TR52

Ink grade Rutile TiO2 pigment is excellent general purpose grade for Ink industry. Its special coating, hydrolysis and calcination design offers high performance in Ink fields. It has inorganic treatment with Zr and Al, as well as organic treatment. Ink grade titanium dioxide is with good gloss and dispersibility, which meets the requirement of ink.

Product Details

Product Introduction

Ink grade titanium dixoide has high coloring strength, excellent whiteness and remarkable properties. It is recommended for water-based Ink and solvent-based Ink etc.


Excellent dispersibility;

Excellent whiteness;

High hiding power;

Technical Data 

Classification ISO591-1:2000(E) : R2


Color Index 77891, white pigment 6
CAS NO 13463-67-7
BINESC NO 236-675-5
Process Sulfate
Appearance White Powder
TiO2 content ≥93%
Inorganic coating Zr,Al
Organic treatment Yes
Specific gravity, g/cm3 4.1
Color CIE L* (Oil system) ≥98.0
Tinctorial power (Reynold’s number) ≥1900
Oil absorption, g/100g ≦15-18
PH value 6.5~8.5



Water-based Ink, and solvent-based Ink

Packing methods

25kg/s1000kgs bag,
20mt/20’FCL with pallets