Pigment Yellow 74

Similar to Clariant 2GX70

Pigment Yellow 74 one of the important monoazo pigments type. It is bright and greenish shade yellow (between CI Pigment Yellow 3 and Pigment Yellow 1). It also has high tinting strength , which is almost twice of other usual monoazo pigments). Pigment Yellow 74 is applied in NC gravure ink,water-based ink,traffice paint and latex paint. If in the consideration of eco-friendly, Pigment Yellow 74 is top choice if customers want to use yellow pigments without chlorine atoms.

The commercial value of Pigment Yellow 74 is very high. For the light fastness, Pigment Yellow 74 is 2-3 levels better than bisazo yellow pigments.So, it is often applied in applications needs high light fastness, such as packaging printing inks, and outdoor latex paint.

Product Details

Basic information of Pigment Yellow 74:

Color Index No: Pigment Yellow 74(C.I.11741)

Synonyms:Hansa brilliant yellow 5gx; Pigment Yellow 5gx, 2-[(2-Methoxy-4-nitrophenyl)azo]-N-(2-methoxyphenyl)-3-oxobutyramide;c.i.pigment yellow 74;luna yellow;DALAMARYELLOW;

Molecular Structure:

Pigment Yellow 74 molecular

Molecular Fomula:C18H18N4O6 Molecular Weight:386.3587
CAS No:6358-31-2 Particle size:
EINECS No: Density(g/cm3):1.28-1.51
Specific surface(m2/g):14 Oil Absorption(g/100g):27-45
Melting point:275-293℃ Chemical Class:Monoazo Yellow

Chemical resistance datas:

Light fastness (Full) : 5-7 Light fastness(Tinting) : 5-7
Water :   5 Ethanol : 3-4
Heat stability (10min) :140-160℃ Ethyl acetate : 2-3
Acid: 5 Alkali : 5
White spirit:3-4 Weather:3

Feature of Pigment Yellow 74:

  1. Pigment Yellow 74is a pigment with high business value. Pigment Yellow 74 paste is between Pigment Yellow 1 and Pigment Yellow 3.
  2. Pigment Yellow 74 has the strongest coloring strength among all monoazo pigments.
  3. Pigment Yellow 74 has good resistance in acid and alkali condition
  4. Pigment Yellow 74 has good saponification resistance, but it is not suitable in baking ceramic paint.
  5. The light fastness of Pigment Yellow 74 is much higher than azo pigmnents, so it is applied in fields that requires high light fastness, such as package ink or indoor out door decorative paint.
  6. Pigment Yellow 74 is bright yellow color, it has opaque, semi-opaque and transparent type.

Application of Pigment Yellow 74 :

Water based/solvent based decorative paint, Water based/solvent based decorative paint, textile printing; UV ink(flexo and offset), offset ink, NC ink, PA ink