Pigment Yellow 17

Pigment Yellow 17 has much greener shade than pigment yellow 12 and pigment yellow 14. With the same darkness, the light fastness is 1 to 2 levels higher than PY14. If used in package ink,  Its shade can be adjusted together with Pigment Yellow 83, which can make a middle shade with good light fastness and transparency. It can also be used in the coloring of polyolefin, as well as the coloring of PVC film or cable.

Product Details


Pigment Yellow 17 is yellow powder with greenish shade, and it has semi-transparent type and transparent type. It has high coloring strength and good dispersion. Its heat and light fastness is also good, but the migration resistance is not so good.

Chemical information 

Color Index No: C.I.2110

Synonyms: Benzidine Yellow GG; Pigment Yellow GG; Permanent Yellow GG;2,2′-[(3,3′-dichloro[1,1′-biphenyl]-4,4′-diyl)bis(azo)]bis[N-(2-methoxyphenyl)-3-oxobutyramide];

Molecular Structure:

Pigment Yellow 17 molecular

Molecular Formula: C34H30Cl2N6O6 Molecular Weight:689.54
CAS No:4531-49-1 Average Particle Size:50-85
Density(g/cm3):1.35 EINECS No:224-867-1
Oil Absorption(g/100g):40-77 Specific surface(m2/g):54-85
Chemical Class:Diarylide Yellow Melting point:341℃

Chemical resistance datas

Light fastness (Full) : 4-7 Light fastness(Tinting) : 4-6
Water :  5 Ethanol : 5
Heat stability (10min) :200℃ Ethyl acetate : 4
Acid: 5 Alkali : 5
Migration:3 Weather:3



Sheetfed offset ink: ◭ Water-based ink: ◭
Heat set ink: ◭ NC ink: ◭
Cold set ink: – Metal decorative ink: △
Gravure ink:  – UV curing ink(offset): ▲
Silkscreen ink: ◭ UV curing ink(Flexo): ▲
Coating Water based industrial paint: △ Powder Coatings: △
Solvent based industrial paint: △ Automotive coatings: –
Water based decorative paint : △ Wood coatings: –
Solvent based decorative paint: △ Amine curing epoxy coatings: –
Coil Coating: – Textile printing: ◭
Plastic PE: ◭ PA: –
PP: ◭ PC: –
PVC: ▲ Pom: –
ABS: – Rubber: ▲
PUR: ◭ Fibers: △

▲Very suitable    ◭Suitable   Δ Limited suitable    -Not suitable

Packing methods

25kgs craft bag with pallets; 7-8MT in 20’FCL