Pigment Yellow 139

Pigment Yellow 139 is a reddish shade pigment yellow powder. PY139 has both opaque and semi-opaque type. The opaque type is more reddish than semi-opaque type. The increase of using amount of PY139 will not affect its gloss. Pigment yellow 139 can be used together with inorganic pigment to replace chrome yellow.PY139 is suitable in the high end coating like car finish paint, and it has a light fastness of 7-8 in alkyed melamine resin. PY139 has a heat resistance of 250℃ in HDPE, but has color penetration problem in soft PVC. It is more suitable for low temperature plastics.

Product Details

Basic information of Pigment Yellow 139:

Color Index No:C.I.56298


Molecular Structure:

Pigment Yellow 139 molecular

Molecular Formula:C16H9N5O6 Molecular Weight:367.27
CAS No:36888-99-0 Average Particle Size:0.06um
Density(g/cm3):1.696 EINECS No:253-256-2
Oil Absorption(g/100g):45-69 Specific surface(m2/g):22
Chemical Class: Melting point(/℃):/

Chemical resistance datas:

Light fastness (Full) : 6-7 Light fastness(Tinting) : 6
Water :  5 Ethanol : 4-5
Heat stability (10min) :200℃ Toluene:4-5
Acid: 5 Alkali : 4
Migration:5 DOP:5

Feature of Pigment Yellow 139:

  1. Pigment Yellow 139 has high coloring strength and is suitable for the coloring of high end products.
  2. Pigment Yellow 139 has good heat resistance with 260℃/10min.
  3. Pigment Yellow 139  has good light fastness of 6-7 and good weather resistance.
  4. Pigment Yellow 139 has the maximum heat resistance of 260℃, but its hear stability is not so well in plastics. So it is more suitbale for PVC and  low density PE. In high temperature requirementplastics,such as PET,PMMA,PC,PA, PY139 may change in color.
  5. Pigment Yellow 139 has good acid fastness and migration resistance

Application of Pigment Yellow 139 :

Metal decorative ink,UV curing ink(offset and flexo),NC ink, Silk screen ink;Solvent based industrial coating, Powder coatings, automotive refinish;PE,PP,PVC