Pigment Yellow 13

Among all yellow pigments, the transparency of Pigment Yellow 13 is the highest in the application of printing inks. Similar as its derivatives Pigment Yellow 176 and Pigment Yellow 127, resin is treated on the surface of Pigment Yellow 13 particles. When the distribution of particle size is similar on specific surface or the transparency is similar, the ink with Pigment Yellow 13 as raw material has 25% higher color strength than that with Pigment Yellow 12 as raw material. Although Pigment Yellow 13 has good dispersion with resin treatment, the issue of incomplete dispersion will happen if unsuitable machine is used during the dispersion process. Pigment Yellow 13 has better resistance to solvents than Pigment Yellow 12, and its recrystallization tendency is lower than Pigment Yellow 12 in solvents. This property makes it better to mix with printing ink media with mineral oil, thus it is more used to apply in package gravure printing inks.

Product Details

Basic information of Pigment Yellow 13:

Color Index No: Pigment Yellow 13(C.I.21100)

Synonyms:Pigment Yellow GR 2,2′-[(3,3′-dichlorobiphenyl-4,4′-diyl)di(E)diazene-2,1-diyl]bis[N-(2,4-dimethylphenyl)-3-oxobutanamide];(2E,2’E)-2,2′-[(3,3′-dichlorobiphenyl-4,4′-diyl)di(1E)hydrazin-2-yl-1-ylidene]bis[N-(2,4-dimethylphenyl)-3-oxobutanamide

Molecular Structure:

Pigment Yellow 13 molecular

Molecular Fomula:C36H34Cl2N6O4 Molecular Weight:685.599
CAS No:5102-83-0 EINECS No:225-822-9
Density(g/cm3):1.30-1.40 Average particle size:0.08-0.10um
Specific surface(m2/g):10-62 Oil Absorption(g/100g):30-89
Melting point:328-344℃ Chemical Class:Diarylide Yellow

Chemical resistance datas:

Light fastness (Full) : 4 Light fastness(Tinting) : 3-4
Water :  5 Ethanol : 4
Heat stability (10min) :180-200 ℃ Ethyl acetate : 4
Acid : 5 Alkali : 5

Feature of Pigment Yellow 13:

  1. Pigment Yellow 13is light yellow powder with reddish shade
  2. Pigment Yellow 13 isnot soluble in waterand slightly soluble in ethanol.
  3. In sulphuric acid, pigment yellow 13 is reddish orange, and after diltuion, it is brownish precipitate
  4. Pigment Yellow 13is aninsoluble bis-dichloro-type pigment. Sames as pigment yellow 12, it has good coloring ability and strong solvent resistance. But comparing with monoazo pigments, the light resistance is little lower.
  5. Pigment Yellow 13 has good heat resistance, itis stable at 150°C.
  6. Pigment Yellow 13 has good solvent resistance ability, including solvents like:nitrocellulose solvent, acetone, xylene, ethanol, cellosolve; Also it has good resistance to alkali and acid resistance.

Application of Pigment Yellow 13 :

UV curing ink(offset and flexo), NC ink, water-based ink,Heat-set ink,Cold set ink,Polyamide ink,silkscreen ink; textile printing;PVC,Rubber,PE,PP