Pigment Yellow 110

Similar to Basf 2RLT

Permanent Yellow G3R(Pigment Yellow 110) is greenish shade yellow pigment and reddish shade light yellow pigment. It has excellent heat, light resistance, migration resistance, and solvent resistance. Pigment Yellow 110 is one of top organic pigment yellow with excellent light resistance and weather resistance. It is mainly applied in industrial paints,coil coatings, powder coatings, automotive refinish paints, high-temperature baking paints, exterior wall coatings; can printing inks,offset printing inks, leather printing pastes,  and PE, PP, PVC, PS, PU, engineering plastics and other products.In coloring plastics, it has no migration, temperature resistance of 300 degrees, and high color strength.

Product Details


Pigment Yellow 110is yellow powder with strong red shade. It has very excellent heat resistance in PVC coloring and is stable around 200℃ for 30 mintues. And in HDPE(1/3SD), the heat resistance can reach 290 ℃. PY110 also has high weather and migration resistance. With the excellent properties, Pigment Yellow 110 can be used in metal decorative paint, automotive paint and latex paint. The light fastness of Pigment Yellow 110 is 7-8 and is one of the best among all the current azo pigments. Under the condition of 1/25SD, the light fastness can be 7-8

Chemical information

Color Index No: Pigment Yellow 110(C.I.56280)

Synonyms:Pigment Yellow RLT; Bis(4,5,6,7-Tetrachloro-3-oxoisoindolin-1-ylidene)-1,4-phenylenediamine;

Molecular Structure:

Pigment Yellow 110 molecular

Molecular Fomula: C22H6Cl8N4O2 Molecular Weight:641.94
CAS No:5590-18-1 EINECS No:226-999-5
Density(g/cm3):1.82-1.93 Specific surface(m2/g):
Oil Absorption(g/100g):36-77 Melting point:300℃
Chemical Class:Isoindolinone

Chemical resistance datas

Light fastness (Full) : 8 Light fastness(Tinting) : 7-8
Water :   5 Ethanol : 5
Heat stability (10min) :220℃ Ethyl acetate : 5
Acid: 5 Alkali : 5
White spirit:5 Weather:5



Sheetfed offset ink: ◭ Water-based ink: ◭
Heat set ink: ◭ NC ink: ◭
Cold set ink: ◭ Metal decorative ink: ▲
Gravure ink: ◭ UV curing ink(offset): ◭
Silkscreen ink: ◭ UV curing ink(Flexo): ◭
Coating Water based industrial paint: ▲ Powder Coatings: ▲
Solvent based industrial paint: ▲ Automotive coatings: ◭
Water based decorative paint : ▲ Wood coatings: ▲
Solvent based decorative paint: ▲ Amine curing epoxy coatings: ▲
Coil Coating: ▲ Textile printing: –
Plastic PE: ▲ PA: ◭
PP: ▲ PC: ◭
PVC: ▲ Pom: ◭
ABS: ▲ Rubber: ◭
PUR: ▲ Fibers: ◭

▲Very suitable    ◭Suitable   Δ Limited suitable    -Not suitable

Packing methods

25kgs craft bag with pallets; 7-8MT in 20’FCL