Pigment Yellow 1

Pigment Yellow 1 has good hiding power. It is not only used in packaging printing inks and pigment printing, but also in air-dry paint. The specific surface area of pigment yellow 1 is between 8-3m2/g. With different size of he specific surface area and different thickness of the pigment particles, pigment yellow 1 can be used in various products with different application. With smaller the particle size, the transparency is better, the shade is more greenish and brighter, and the coloring power is higher.

Product Details


Pigment Yellow 1 is yellow powder with high tinting strength and bright color and can be easily dispersed. If heated, it can be dissolved in organic solvents such as ethanol and acetone. Its good light fastness and heat resistance is good, and its performance will not affected much by hydrogen sulfide. When concentrated sulfuric acid, color of PY1 is golden yellow, and after dilution, it is yellow precipitates; in diluted sodium hydroxide solution and concentrated nitric acid, the color of pigment yellow 1 remains unchanged; In concentrated hydrochloric acid, it becomes a red solution, which is resistant to acids and alkalis.

Chemical information:

Color Index No: Pigment Yellow 1

Synonyms:Fast Yellow G,2-(4-Methyl-2-nitrophenylazo)-N-phenyl-3-oxobutanamide;

Molecular Structure:

pigment yellow 1 molecular

Molecular Fomula:C17H16N4O4 CAS No:2512-29-0
Molecular Weight:340.34 EINECS No:219-730-8
Density(g/cm3):1.43 Average particle size:200
Specific surface:25 Oil Absorption:50-60
Melting point:256℃ Chemical Class:Monozao Yellow

Chemical resistance datas:

Light fastness (Full) : 5 Ethanol : 4-5
Light fastness(tinting) : 4~5 Acid : 5
Heat stability (10min) : <140℃ Toluene : 3
Ethyl acetate : 3 Alkali : 5
Water : 5 Paraffine : 4~5



Sheetfed offset ink: – Water-based ink: ▲
Heat set ink: – NC ink: ◭
Cold set ink: – Metal decorative ink: –
Gravure ink: – UV curing ink(offset): ▲
Silkscreen ink: ◭ UV curing ink(Flexo): ▲
Coating Water based industrial paint: ◭ Powder Coatings: –
Solvent based industrial paint: ◭ Automotive coatings: –
Water based decorative paint : ◭ Wood coatings: △
Solvent based decorative paint: ▲ Amine curing epoxy coatings: △
Coil Coating: – Textile printing: ◭
Plastic PE: – PA: –
PP: – PC: –
PVC: – Pom: –
ABS: – Rubber: –
PUR: – Fibers: –

Packing methods

25kgs craft bag with pallets; 7-8MT in 20’FCL