Pigment Red 57:1

Pigment Red 57:1 is suitable for various kinds of printing ink, and its shade can meet the process color magenta. PR57:1 is a red pigment with bluish shade and has many different types such as high transparent, tranparent, and semi-opaque type as per different applications.  It has high color strength and acceptable light fastness. If added with tobias acid, the particle size and shade of PR57:1 can be changed. It also has good fluidity and steadiness in printing ink.

Product Details


Pigment Red 57:1 has excellent dispersion and good flow in high concentration. Its viscosity is low. It is not soluble in ethanol, but soluble in hot water. And its shade in hot water is yellowish, while in concentrated sulfuric acid and its diluted solution, it is magenta.

Cheimcal information

Color Index No:C.I. 1580:1

Synonyms: Brilliant Carmine 6B; Lithol rubin BCA; D & C Red no. 7;  Brilliant Carmine 6BY; Lithol Rubine B;3-Hydroxy-4-[(4-methyl-2-sulfophenyl)azo]-2-naphthalenecarboxylic acid calcium salt (1:1);

Molecular Structure:

Pigment Red 571 molecular

Molecular Formula:C18H12CaN2O6S Molecular Weight:424.441
CAS No:5281-04-9 Average Particle Size(um):
Density(g/cm3):1.42-1.80 EINECS No:226-109-5
Oil Absorption(g/100g):20-88 Specific surface(m2/g):21-105
Chemical Class:BONA, Ca Lake Melting point(/℃):360

Chemical resistance datas

Light fastness (Full) : 3-5 Light fastness(Tinting) : 3-4
Ethyl acetate: 4-5 Ethanol : 4-5
Heat stability (10min) : 160-250 DOP:4-5
Acid: 2-4 Alkali : 3-4
Migration: 5 Weather:1-2



Sheetfed offset ink: ◭ Water-based ink: △
Heat set ink: ◭ NC ink: ▲
Cold set ink: ◭ Metal decorative ink: ◭
Gravure ink: ◭ UV curing ink(offset): ◭
Silkscreen ink: ◭ UV curing ink(Flexo): ▲
Coating Water based industrial paint: – Powder Coatings: ◭
Solvent based industrial paint: – Automotive coatings: –
Water based decorative paint : – Wood coatings: –
Solvent based decorative paint: △ Amine curing epoxy coatings: –
Coil Coating: – Textile printing: –
Plastic PE: ▲ PA: –
PP: ▲ PC: –
PVC: ▲ Pom: –
ABS: – Rubber: ▲
PUR: △ Fibers: ◭

Packing methods

25kgs craft bag with pallets; 7-8MT in 20’FCL