Pigment Red 177

Pigment Red 177 is mainly used for original paste coloring, paint, PVC and polyolefin coloring; Red 177 can be used together with inorganic pigments such as molybdenum chrome red , and this combination can provide weather and light resistance formulation. The combination can be applied in automotive primer And repair coating;

Product Details


Pigment Red 177 has excellent heat resistance and and can reach 300 degree in  HDPE at a longer time without deformation. It has brilliant color and good light fastness, and is applied in automotive refinish and repair paint. It has good anti-flocculation ability, good fluidity and is halogen free.

Chemical information 

Color Index No:Pigment Red 177

Synonyms:65300;Anthraquinoid Red; C.I.Pigment Red 177; P.R.177; 4,4′-diamino-[1,1-Bianthracene]-9,9′,10,10′-tetrone;Permanent Red A3B;Cromophtal Red A3B;

Molecular Structure:

Pigment Red 177 molecular

Molecular Fomula: C28H16N2O4 Molecular Weight:444
CAS No:4051-63-2 EINECS No: 223-754-4
Density(g/cm3):1.50 Average particle size:/
Specific surface(m2/g):65-105 Oil Absorption(g/100g):55-65
Melting point(℃):356 Chemical Class:Anthraquinone

Chemical resistance datas

Light fastness (Full) : 7-8 Light fastness(Tinting) : 7-8
Heat stability (10min) :300 ℃ Acid : 5
Alkali : 5 Toluene:5
Ethanol:5 Ethyl acetate:5
Water:5 Paraffine:5


Ink Sheetfed offset ink: ▲ Water-based ink: ▲
Heat set ink: △ NC ink: ▲
Cold set ink: △ Metal decorative ink: △
Gravure ink: △ UV curing ink(offset): △
Silkscreen ink: △ UV curing ink(Flexo): △
Coating Water based industrial paint: ▲ Powder Coatings: ▲
Solvent based industrial paint: ▲ Automotive coatings: ▲
Water based decorative paint : ▲ Wood coatings: △
Solvent based decorative paint: ▲ Amine curing epoxy coatings: △
Coil Coating: ▲ Textile printing: –
Plastic PE: ◭ PA: –
PP: ◭ PC: –
PVC: ▲ Pom: △
ABS: △ Rubber: △
PUR: ◭ Fibers: ▲

Packing methods

25kgs craft bag with pallets; 7-8MT in 20’FCL