Optical Brightener OB-1

Optical brightener OB-1 is greenish yellow optical brightener and is efficient in the use of  polyester fibers. Its main application is plastics such as  PS, HIPS, ABS, EVA, PE,PC, PP,and rigid PVC. It has excellent thermal stability, excellent brightening effect, and very few adding amount. The invisible ultraviolet light (wavelength range is about 360-380nm)can be absorbed by it, and then convert ultraviolet light into visible and longer-wavelength blue or violet light. Thus, it can decrease the undesired yellowish color in the matrix and reflect more visible light. Then the product appears brighter, whiter, more vivid.

Product Details

Chemical information 

Synonyms:2,2′-(vinylenedi-p-phenylene)bisbenzoxazole; 2,2’-(1,2-ethenediyldi-4,1-phenylene)bis-benzoxazol;Optical Brightening Agent OB-1;1,2-Bis(4-(benzo[d]oxazol-2-yl)phenyl)ethene;

Molecular Structure:

OB-1 molecular

Molecular Formula:C28H18N2O2 Molecular Weight:414
CAS No:1533-45-5 EINECS No: 216-245-3
Density(g/cm3):1.21 Average particle size(um):Pass 100 mesh
Specific surface(m2/g):/ Oil Absorption(g/100g):/
Melting point(℃):358 Assay:98.5%


Optical Brightener OB-1 has excellent high temperature resistance. It has wide range of application,and is used for the whitening of nylon fiber, polyesters, and various plastics. It has outstanding brightening ability and good dispersibility. It also has good adaption and weather resistance


Polyester fiber, nylon fiber,polypropylene, hard PVC, ABS, EVA, PS, polycarbonate etc.