Silicone Leveling Agent HY1206

similar BYK306

Leveling Agent HY1206 is additive with silicone content. It is suitable in the solvent based system. It has excellent compatibility in solvent based paint. It can decrease the surface tension very effectively and can wet the base materials very well. In addition, It can also improve the sctrach resistance and smoothness of coating film.

Product Details

Chemical information

Component:Polyether modified polysiloxane

Item Standard
Appearance Colorless to amber transparent oily liquid
Non-volatile content 12-13
Flash point >25℃
Solvent Dimethylbenzene/ Ethylene glycol phenyl ether


Leveling Agent HY1206 is polyester modified silicone product and can provide effective surface aids to poor wetting substrate with good anti-shrink ability and good wetting ability. It has a good improvement on spray and dust receptivity, and helps the vertical surface with thicker film. And it can decrease the airflow sensitivity in furniture coating and wood coating


The recommended dosage is 0.1~0.5% of the total formulations, it can be added at any stage of production and also can be added after the production.