Silicone Defoamer HY8200

Similar to DC4100

Silicone defoamer HY8200 is a type of polysiloxane containing the hydrophobic particles, and its defoaming ability is excellent. After the defoamer penetrates into the elastic film of foam, it will be distributed evenly on the film surface. With the reduction of surface tension, the thin layer will rapture. Or it will form a mono-molecular film, which will help the thin layer rapture with lower surface tension. In addition, the hydrophobic particles in it will reach the surface of thin layer, and will absorb the surfactant, thus the thin layer is easy to be broken with less surfactant

Product Details

Chemical information 

Component:Polysiloxane containing the Hydrophobic particles

Item Standard
Appearance Half transparent to cloudy liquid
Non-volatile content >98%
Viscosity 1500-5000mpa.s


Silicone Defoamer HY-8200 has excellent foam inhibiting ability and is excellent in defoaming in the production of paint or ink. It can be applied to both solvent and non-solvent system and is suitable for high viscosity system


Expoxy floor coatings,screen printing inks, UV ink, unsaturated polyester systems, etc.

Using method

Dosage: 0.01 -1.00% in the coatings formulations. It can get the best foam inhibiting result if adding before stiring or grinding.It can be also added after the process,but stirring to even is a must. The compatibility test is necessarry when using in transparent system. It can be dissolved to 10% with aromatic solvent before adding it to the formulation. The hydrophobic particles in defoamer is easy to deposit,it is suggested to use immediately after diluted.This product has thixotropy,the viscosity is easy to increase after long time laying or under the low temperatures,which is a normal phenomenon. It is suggested to stir evenly before operations .