Agricultural Silicone Adjuvant Spreading and Penetrating Agent HY-108

Agricultural Silicone Spreading and Penetrating Agent HY-108 is a type of trisiloxane modified and a silicone surfactant with excellent spreading ability used  in agriculture industry.With the concentration of 0.1% (wt.), its water surface tension is as low as 20.5mN/m. With its mixing with the pesticide spray at some ratio, the contact angel of the foliage and spray can be lowered down, which can increase the spray coverage. In addition, Silicone adjuvant HY-108 can make the pesticide to be absorbed through the leaves’ stomatal, and this is very helpful in improving efficacy, saving cost, lessening the use of pesticide, making less environmental problem due to pesticides

Product Details

Chemical information

Component:Agricultural Silicone Spreading and Penetrating Agent

Item Standard
Appearance Colorless to light yellow liquid
Viscosity(25℃,mm2/s) 30-50
Surface tension(25℃,0.1%,mN/m) <20.5
Density(g/cm³,25℃) 1.01~1.03
Cloud point(1% wt,℃) <10


It is Non-ionic and is excellent penetrating and spreading silicone adjuvant. with the use of silicone adjuvant HY108, the dosage of  agrochemical spraying agent can be lessened. The rapid uptake of the agrochemical can also be strengthened.


  1. Applied as spray adjuvant: HY-108 can make a lager coverage of the spraying agent, and can make the using amount of spraying agent less. Its function can be best when PH range of spray mixtures is between 6.0-8.0 or when spray is used at once or within 24 hours after preparing.
  2. HY-108 can be added in the original pesticide formulation.

Using Method

Used as spray and mixed in drum

Usually, 5 g silicone adjuvant HY-108 (4000times) would be added in 20kg solution. If the absorption of pesticide needs to be promoted, or the effect of pesticide needs to be strengthened or the spray amount needs to be reduced further, the usage quantity should be added properly in the spray.The using quantity is usually as follows:

Item Standard
Plant promote regulator 0.020%~0.06%
Herbicide 0.020%~0.155%
Pesticide 0.020%~0.10%
Bactericide 0.010%~0.050%
Fertilizer and trace element 0.010~0.15%

During the using process, the pesticide needs to be dissolved at first. The pesticide need to be mixed with 80% water, and it needs to be added into the mixture. Then, water need to be added to 100% and mix them evenly. When Silicone Adjuvant HY108 is used, it is suggested to reduce the the water amount to 1/2 or 2/3 of the normal. The average unit using amount of pesticide can be decreased to 70-80% . The small nozzle can make the spray seed faster.

Used with Original Pesticide

If add Silicone adjuvant HY-108 directly into the pesticide formulation, The suggested adding amount is 0.50%-8.0% of pesticide. The PH of the pesticide prescription should be modified to 6.0-8.0. The end user should modify the using amount as per different types of prescription and pesticide get an economical and effective result. Compatibility tests are needed to be done before usage.


Packing Methods

20L, 200L plastic drums, or as per customer requirement.