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Precautions for exporting silicone fluid goods

Precautions for exporting silicone fluid goods: product brand designation, commercial brand designation, liquid silicone A, small opening of the product, and silicone A, substandard product quality, no impact on physical properties, exceeding the product grade, no impact on product characteristics, and more suitable occasions for the product.

Based on product parameters, R&D customization is developed according to the characteristics of the product according to the different uses of the user. Customization can be customized for special specifications of different products according to customer spending, quality, and time. It is a product development solution tailored to different models of customers. This product can be manufactured by accurately proportioning the adhesive used for conversion, meeting food safety standards, RoHS, R hygiene and environmental standards, and UL level certification requirements. Auxiliary products that do not affect the mold opening during use are more prone to drying or damage.

It can be printed on food, pharmaceutical, and metal processing fluids, adhesives, water treatment, metal cleaning, fine metal parts, polishing, cleaning, and waterproof treatment.

By mixing reaction polymerization catalyst transfer technology with different products and processes, industrial production has been fully achieved, meeting the requirements of spraying operations.

As TILO is a defoamer with good substrate wetting and stain removal properties, as well as flowability, wettability, anti-static, and rust resistance.

Utilize different systems – Design goals and usage: 5-10 kilograms per barrel.

DF-8 (replacement): 10-40 (%);

Volatile Silicone Oil dimethylsiloxane fluid cosmetics

The dosage is 160 ± 20mm/barrel with a film thickness, generally not exceeding 20g.

Chemical defoamers are defoamers. Suitable for water treatment, metal processing fluids, cutting fluids, metal cleaning, papermaking, building materials, water-based adhesives, textile printing and dyeing, water-soluble inks, industrial cleaning, desulfurization, industrial washing, adhesives, textile printing and dyeing, petrochemical, pesticides and fertilizers, rubber, desulfurization and other industries.

Packaging: This product is non hazardous and is packaged in 25kg, 200kg, IBC drums or according to customer needs; According to general cargo transportation, prevent collisions and falls during transportation.

Storage: This product is suitable for indoor temperature storage, with a storage period of 12 months. Avoid direct sunlight, keep away from heat sources, and prevent freezing in winter below zero degrees Celsius.

2600 types of non silicone defoamers, 580 types of polyether defoamers, 1500 types of organic silicone defoamers, etc.

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