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Please go through formal channels for exporting pigment ink

Please use legitimate channels for exporting pigment ink! Retesting plasticizers is continuing to kill animals.

Chemical reagent reconfiguration reagents are disposable experimental consumables, as shown in Figure

Bike BYK-163 defoamer is an imported defoamer from Bike Chemical. The product has advantages such as good stability, no odor, high temperature resistance, fast defoaming, long-lasting foam suppression, no corrosion, no irritation, and no toxic side effects. Byk024 defoamer can be applied to all kinds of water-based systems, especially lotion systems.

BYK-163 defoamer can be used in various water systems, such as wood, non load-bearing films, architectural and industrial coatings, machine tool manufacturing, etc.

Bike byk053 defoamer can be used alone or in combination with water [4] [batch rate/typical dosage] Super morning and evening creams,>76 defoamers are not dissolved, and can be used with slightly silicone oil emulsifiers and UV monomers [MU] [film forming aids] [film forming agents].

Yellow Pigment ink

Byk053 defoamer has a unique chemical composition, which can form a completely non flowing, uniform and smooth film layer with the vast majority of skin edge oils, resulting in good leveling performance. It does not flow or crack, and maintains a high degree of film integrity with strong scratch force. It can basically form chemical bonds with most special materials, so its properties are stable. Byk053 defoamer is mixed with the majority of rubber with poor compatibility, such as polyether esters and esters.

Polyethylene wax antifriction coating defoamer has the effect of gray, increased viscosity, reduced hardness, wear resistance, scratch resistance, defoaming, and improving the hand feel of the surface coating of workpieces. It is used to improve the leather hand feel, with the effects of softness, friction resistance, dirt prevention, and erasure, reducing the difference between metal pigments and coatings on various workpieces.

SI 550 defoamer has fast defoaming, low dosage, and high solidity, making it suitable for various systems, especially strong acid and alkali systems. The addition of SI 550 defoamer to this product can effectively improve the softening point, leveling, and mechanical properties of rubber, greatly increasing the lifespan of rubber for 30 minutes.

SI 650 defoamer is used for the production of high setting tactile agents from sorbitol, and can also be used as a viscosity enhancing agent and a plastic modifier for the production of release agents.

In addition, this product can also be used to improve properties such as leveling, hardness, softness, and non viscosity

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